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(Bishop, going to door r.)

But mind! Play me false and as sure as there are devils in Hell I'll drive my knife through your heart. I have nothing to lose.
Bishop. You have your soul to lose, my son, it is of more value than my heart (at door r. calling) Persomé, Persomé. (The Convict stands behind him with his knife ready.)
Persomé. (within) Yes, Brother.
Bishop. Here is a poor traveller who is hungry. If you are not undressed will you come and open the cupboard and I will give him some supper.
Persomé. (within) What, at this time of night? A pretty business truly. Are we to have no sleep now? but to be at the beck and call of every ne'er-do-well who happens to pass?
Bishop. But, Persomé, the traveller is hungry.
Persomé. Oh, very well, I am coming. (Persomé Enters r., she sees the knife in the Convict's hand) (frightened) Brother, what is he doing with that knife.
Bishop. The knife, oh, well, you see, dear, perhaps he may have thought that I—I had sold ours. (laughs gently)
Persomé. Brother, I am frightened. He glares at us like a wild beast. (aside to him)
Convict. Hurry, I tell you. Give me food or I'll stick my knife in you both and help myself.
Bishop. Give me the keys, Persomé, (she gives them to him) and now, dear, you may go to bed.

(Persomé going. The Convict springs in front of her.)

Convict. Stop! Neither of you leave this room till I do.

(She looks at the Bishop.)

Bishop. Persomé, will you favour this gentleman with your company at supper. He evidently desires it.