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THE Book Lover's Library


  • The Story of the Imitatto Christi. By Leonard Wheatley.
  • Studies in Jocular Literature. By W. C. Hazlitt.
  • Newspaper Reporting in Olden Time and To-day, By John Pendleton.
  • How to Catalogue a Library, By Henry B. Wheatley, F.S.A.
  • Foreign Visitors in England, and What They Thought of Us, By Edward Smith.
  • The Book of Noodles: Stories of Simpletons; or, Fools and their Follies. By W. A. Clouston.
  • The Enemies of Books, By William Blades.
  • The Story of Some Famous Books. By Frederick Saunders.
  • Gleanings in Old Garden Literature, By W. C. Hazlitt.
  • The Dedication of Books. To Patron and Friend. By Henry B. Wheatley, F.S.A.
  • Modern Methods of Illustrating Books,
  • The Literature of Local Institutions, By G. L. Gomme, F.S.A.
  • Old Cookery Books and Ancient Cuisine, By W. C. Hazlitt.
  • How to Form a Library, By Henry B. Wheatley, F.S.A.

London: ELLIOT STOCK, 62, Paternoster Row, E.C.