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In demy 8vo, stiffly bound in buckram, and printed on good paper, with broad margin for notes and additions, price £1 7s. 6d. net.


Book prices Current

Being a record of the Prices at which Books have been sold at Auction, with the titles and description in full, the Catalogue Numbers, and the Names of the Purchasers. From December 1889 to November 1890.

"Valuable to booksellers, and still more so to book buyers."—Athenæum.

"The practical utility of such a record will be best appreciated by those who have been accustomed to consult such guides as Lowndes and Burnet with a feeling that their information, though in great part obsolete, is at least much better than no information at all."—Daily News.

A few copies only of Vols. II. and III. are left, price £2 2s. each. Vol I is quite out of print and is fetching nearly three times its price.

London: ELLIOT STOCK, 62, Paternoster Row, E.C.