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  1. Woolston's Discours sur les Miracles de Jésus-Christ, translated from the English (1727).
  2. Boulanger's Christtanisme dévoilé.
  3. Freret's Examen Critique des Apologistes de la Religion Chrétienne, 1767.
  4. The Examen Impartial des Principales Religions du Monde.
  5. Baron d'Holbach's Contagion Sacrée, or l'Histoire Naturelle de la Superstition, 1768.
  6. Holbach's Système de la Nature ou des Lois du Monde Physique et du Monde Moral.
  7. Voltaire's Dieu et les Hommes; œuvre thélogique, mais raisonnable (1769).

No one writer, indeed, of the eighteenth century contributed so many books to the flames as Voltaire. Besides the above work, the following of his works incurred the same fate:—(1) the Lettres Philosophiques (1733), (2) the Cantique des Cantiques (1759), (3) the Dictionnaire Philosophique (1764), also burnt at Geneva; (4) L'Homme aux Quarante Écus (1767), (5) Le Dîner du Comte de Boulainvilliers (1767). When we add to these burnings the fact that at least fourteen works of Voltaire were condemned, many others suppressed or forbidden, their author himself twice imprisoned in the Bastille, and