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"You are from the fort?" cried Joe, running forward to meet them.

"Yes," was the answer from the lieutenant. "Which of you is Josaph Moore?"

"I am."

"I am glad to know you, Moore. Your brother, the captain, and I are great friends. I am Lieutenant Richard Carrol."

"Oh, I've heard of you," answered Joe, smiling. "Will has often mentioned his chum, Dick Carrol, in his letters. This is my cousin, Darry Germain. Did old Benson reach the fort last night?"

"He did," answered Lieutenant Carrol, as he hook hands with both boys. "And your brother and a detachment of Company A have gone out to look for Matt Gilroy and his gang. Benson went with them, and I was asked to come down here and escort you to the fort."

"If my brother wants to round up Gilroy's gang he should have come here," said Joe. "The rascals were here last night and stole our three horses."

"Is it possible! And where is Hank Leeson?"

"He went after them on his horse, the only one they didn't get. We are looking for his return at any moment. We promised to watch the cabin until he got back."