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The Sails of Life
A Gentlewoman of France
The Prussian Terror
Greater than the Greatest
The Heiress of Swallowcliffe
Herndale's Heir
The Persistent Lovers
Passion and Faith
Three Gentlemen from New
The House of Many Mirrors
The Creeping Tides
The Old Order Changeth
On Desert Altars
The Black Lake
Miss Billy's Decision
Miss Billy Married
The Ink-Slinger
The School for Lovers
Tainted Gold
Cecil Adair
Rene Boylesve
Alexandre Dumas
Hamilton Drummond
E. Everett-Green
E. Everett-Green
A. Hamilton Gibbs
Dorothea Gerard
R. D. Hemingway and
Henry de Halsalle
Violet Hunt
Kate Jordan
Archibald Marshall
Norma Lorimer
Sir William Magnay, Bart.
Eleanor H. Porter
Eleanor H. Porter
E. B. de Rendon
Pierre Souvestre and Marcel Allain
H. Noel Williams

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