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most of the deletions made by the Censor in the Daily Chronicle report were given! The Censor made the following remarks and excisions in the 'copy' submitted to him by the Daily Chronicle representative at the Press Bureau:
Excisions in "Daily Chronicle" Report Where the Forbidden Passages appeared
"Please do not mention that this came from South Shields." (Note by the Censor.) Shields occurred in the reports in the Star (three times), Evening News (once), Pall Mall Gazette (three times), Globe (three times), Evening Standard (three times), Westminster Gazette (once).
"Within twenty miles of the mouth of Shields harbour"—(passage eliminated). Star report stated: "The trawler was sunk thirty miles E.N.E. of the Tyne."
"Landed a cargo of fish at Grimsby." ("At Grimsby" was eliminated.) This identical phrase, or its effect, appeared in the Star, Pall Mall Gazette, Globe, Evening Standard, Westminster Gazette.
"Landed by North Shields fishing steamer." ("North Shields" eliminated.) The North Shields trawler was mentioned by the Star, Pall Mall Gazette, Globe, Evening Standard.
"Bound for Blyth." ("Blyth" eliminated.) This phrase appeared in the Star, Pall Mall Gazette, Globe, and Evening Standard.

From the Daily Chronicle Special Correspondent. A Central News telegram from Paris ran as follows (passed by Cable Censor):

Paris, August 27th.

The Ministry of War issued this afternoon the following note: "In the region between ——" (here the Censor has cut out a short passage) "our troops continue to progress."

Paris, Thursday

The following official communiqué is issued to the Press at 2.15 this afternoon: "In the region between the Vosges and Nancy our troops continue to progress."