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 IT was four miles to the depôt, but they were good walkers. Robin hung the satchel on a stick over his shoulder, and they kept in the middle of the road and walked smartly. There were not many trees, but there were a few occasionally, and it was pleasanter to walk where the way before them was quite clear. And somehow they found themselves still talking in whispers, though there was certainly no one to overhear them.

"Let us talk about Christian," said Meg. "It will not seem so lonely if we are talking. I wish we could meet Evangelist."

"If we knew he was Evangelist when we met him," said Robin. "If we didn't know him, we should think he was someone who would stop us. And, after all, you see he only showed Christian the shining light, and told him to go to it. And we are farther on than that. We have passed the Wicket Gate."