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or the least mark of artistic design, about you?

Belfry. No!

Librarian. Then you are my long-lost door-scraper!

They rush into each other's arms.


Enter Treasurer as Ariel. Solemn music.

Song and Chorus.

Five fathom square the Belfry frowns;
All its sides of timber made;
Painted all in greys and browns;
Nothing of it that will fade.
Christ Church may admire the change—
Oxford thinks it sad and strange.
Beauty's dead! Let's ring her knell.
Hark! now I hear them—ding-dong, bell.


§ 12. On the Future of the new Belfry, Ch. Ch.

The Belfry has a great Future before it—at least, if it has not, it has very little to do with Time at all, its Past being (fortunately for our ancestors) a nonentity, and its Present a blank. The advantage of having been born in the reign of Queen Anne, and of having