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CONTRIBUTORS TO THE FOURTEENTH VOLUME CASANOVA, GERTRUDE, O.S.B., Stanbhook Ab- bey, Worcester, England: Thecla, Saint. DELAUNAY, JOHN B., C.S.C, Rome: Syntagma Canonum. CEDILLO, the CONDE DE, Madrid: Toledo, DESMOND, DANIEL F., Huron, South Dakota: Archdiocese of. Sioux Falls, Diocese of. CHABOT, JEAN-BAPTISTE, S.T.D., Director of the "Corpus Scriptorum Christianorum Ori- entalium", Paris: Syriac Hymnody; Syriac Language and Literature. CHAPMAN, JOHN, O.S.B., B.A. (Oxon.), Ab- baye DE St. BenoIt, Maredsous, Namur, Bel- gium: Tertullian. CHILTON, CARROLL B., London: Thompson, Francis. CHISHOLM, JOSEPH ANDREW, K.C., M.A., LL.B., H.LiFAx: Thompson, Right Honourable Sir John Sparrow David. CLEARY, GREGORY, O.F.M., J.C.D., J. Civ.D., S.T.L., sometime Professor op Canon Law AND Moral Theology, St. Isidore's College, Rome: Sj-ndic, Apostolic. COLEMAN, CARYL, B.A., Pelham Manor, New York: Spire; Stained Glass; Tapestry. CORDIER, HENRI, Professor at the School for Oriental Living Languages, Paris: Taoism; Tibet. COSSIO, ALUIGI, S.T.D., S.S.D., J.U.D., Bacca- LAUREUS AND LiCENTIATUS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF Padua, Rome: Titulus. COTTER, A. C, S.J., Woodstock College, Mary- land: Stattler, Benedict; Tamburini, Michel- angelo; Tanner, Adam; Tanner, Matthias. COYLE, MOIRA K., New York: Streber, Hermann. CRIVELLI, CAMILLUS, S.J., Professor of Phil- osophy AND Hlstory, Instituto Cientifico de San Jose, Guadalaj.ra, Mexico: Sinaloa, Dio- cese of; Sonora, Diocese of; Tabasco, Diocese of; Tamauhpas, Diocese of; Tehuantepec, Diocese of; Tepic, Diocese of; Tlaxcala. CUMMINGS, THOMAS F., S.T.D., Holyoke. Massachusetts: Springfield, Diocese of. CUNNINGHAM, WILLIAM M., Chancellor of the Diocese of Southwark, England: South- wark. Diocese of. CUTHBERT, father, O.S.F.C, St. Anselm's eNGELHARDT, ZEPHYRIN, O.F.M., Santa House, Oxford: Theodosius Florentim; Third Barbara, California: Sitjar, Buenaventura; Order of St. Francis in Great Britain and Ireland. Tapis, Esteban. DEVINE, ARTHUR, C.P., St. Saviour's Retreat, Worcestershire, England: State or Way, Purgative, Illuminative, Unitive. DOHAN, EDWARD GEORGE, O.S.A., M.A., S.T.D., President of Villanova College, Vil- lanova, Pennsylvania: Thomas of Villanova, Saint. DOYLE, JOHN P. M., T.O.R., M.A., S.T.D., Rec- tor OP St. Francis College, Professor of Moral Theology, Loretto, Pennsylvania: Third Order of St. Francis, Province of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. DRISCOLL, JAMES F., S.T.D., New Rochelle, New York: Stoning in Scripture; Terrestrial Paradise; Theocracy. DRISCOLL, JOHN JOSEPH, S.J., Superior, Wis- consin: Superior, Diocese of. DRISCOLL, JOHN THOMAS, M.A., S.T.L., Fonda, New York: Summer Schools, Catholic; Theosophy; Totemism. DRUM, WALTER, S.J., Professor of Hebrew .ND Sacred Scripture, Woodstock College, Maryland: Solomon, Psalms of; Synagogue; Temple, Liturgy of the; Theologj', Pastoral; Thessalonians, Epistles to the; Tobias. DUBRAY, C.A., S.M., S.T.B., Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy, Marist College, W.shington: Species; Teleology; Telepathy. DUGGAN, THOMAS, Editor, "Catholic Tran- script", Hartford, Connecticut: Tabb, John Bannister. DUHEM, PIERRE, Professor op Theoretical Physics, University of Bordeaux: Thierry de Freiburg. DUNIN-BORKOWSKI, Stanislaus, S.J., Bonn, Germany: Spinoza, Benedict. DURAND, ALFRED, S.J., Professor of Scrip- ture AND Eastern Languages, Ore Place, Hastings, England: Testament, The New. DEBUCHY, PAUL, S.J., Litt.L., Enghien, Bel- gium: Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius. DEGERT, ANTOINE, LiTT.D., Editor of "La Revue de la Gascoigne", Professor of Latin Liter.ture, Institut Catholujue, Toulouse: Sulpitius; Sylvius, Francis; Terrasson, Andr6; TournCly, Honor<^. DELAMARRE, LOUIS N., Ph.D., Instructor in French, College of the City of New York: Thibaut de Champagne. DELANY, JOSEPH F., S.T.D., New York: Slander, Sloth; Temperance; Temptation; Theft. FANNING, WILLIAM H. W., S.J., Professor of Church History and Canon Law, St. Louis University, St. Louis: Societies, Catholic; So- cieties, Secret; SoHcitation; Subdeacon; Suspen- sion; Synod; Tarquini, CamiUus; Tenure, Eccle- siastical; Tithes; Tonsure. FAULHABER, MICHAEL, S.T.D., Bishop of Speyer, Germany: Sophonias. FENLON, JOHN F., S.S., S.T.D., President, St. Austin's College, Washington; Professor of Sacred Scripture, St. Mary's Seminary, Bal- timore: Sulpicians in the United States.