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137 BX7BMA

according to the Aturgy and diocesan statutes en- direction Vermont went far beyond its quota in tirely gratis. It is the general law that when the the Knights of Columbus War Camp Fund, and services are not held in the parish church of the the first Knights of Columbus soldiers' building deceased, his parish priest should receive a parochial in the United States was erected in this diocese, stipend, except when the corpse cannot conveniently The R^vs. Thomas £. McMahon, Arthur J. Le be brought to that church. If, when the dectdent Veer, and George L'Ecuyer served overseas as chap- has several parish churches to which his body lains with the American Army, might easily oe brought, the funeral services are The religious communities now represented in held elsewhere, the stipend is to be divided among the diocese are : the Fathers of St. Edmund, all his parish priests. The parochial stipend is to Brothers of St. Gabriel, Sisters of Charity of be taken only from the money allowed by the Providence, of the Holy Ghost, of the Seven diocesan schedule of funeral and burial taxes. The Dolors, of the Congregation of Notre Dame, of payment of the parochial stipend becomes due if, the Presentation, of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, of for any reason tne first solemn funeral service not the Assumption, Hospital Sisters of St. Joseph, having been held at once, takes place within a and the Daughters of the Immaculate Heart of month from the day of burial, even if on the same Mary. By present statistics there are 69 parishes, day there were other minor public services. The 27 missions, 96 churches, 94 secular and 12 regular amount of the parochial stipend is to be fixed by clergy, 30 mission stations, 454 women in religious the diocesan schedule; if the pariah church and the communities, 21 ecclesiastical students, 3 academies funeral church are in different dioceses the amount for boys and 6 for girls, 21 parish schools with fixed for the diocese of the fimeral church is the 8,459 pupils, 2 orphanage schools with 300 pupils, lawful toll. 2 colleges for boys with an attendance of 1&, 250

Only those persons who have been baptized orphans in the diocesan asylum, 2 hospitals and 2

may receive Christian burial, but catechumens who homes for the aged; there are in all 8,900 children

without any fault on their part die without the under Catholic care. The Priests' Eucharistic

sacrament are to be considered as if they had been League is established among the clergy, and 10

baptized. The following classes are excluded from different societies among the laity,

ecclesiastical burial unless before dying they have Burma (cf. C. E., in-^2b).— In 1919 Burma was

given some Mn of repentance: (a) notorious apos- excluded from the Government of India Act, for

tates from Christianity, or open members of a ^he reasons that her people were in a different

lieretical or schismatic sect, or of the FYeemasons g^ ^j political development and that the desire

or any similar society; (b) those who have been ^^^ elective institutions had not yet risen. A

excommumcated or interdicted by a condemnatory promise, however, was given in the Montagu-

or declaratory sentence; (c) those who knowmriy Chelmsford report (see India) that Burma should

Md deliberate y committed suicide; (d) those who y^^y^ ^^ opportunity of participating in the reforms

have been killed m a duel or who die from a ^s far as they were appHcable to her circumstances,

wound inflicted m a duel; (e) those who have j|. ^^g f^j^ that Burma could not be contented to

ordered their bodies to be cremated; (f ) other remain in a condition of tutelage while other prov-

pubhc and notorious smners. If it is suspected i^ces were obtaining a larger measure of inde-

that a deceased person come under any of these pendence. Accordingly the demands of Burma for

classes, the ordinary should be consulted if time ^ separate legislature and a cabinet responsible

permits; should the doubt still remain the peraon thereto were discused in 1921. Except in imperial

18 to receive ecclesiastical bunal, steps being taken matters such as army, navy, foreign relations, etc.,

to avoid scandal. No funeral Mass, not even an the entire separation of the country from the Indian

anmvereary, or other public funeral services may Empire was insisted upon, as the Burmese have

be celebrated for a person who has been excluded always been averse to having Indians placed in

from ecclesiastical burial. If the corpse of an authority over them. Burma is divided into the

excommunicate ytiandvs has, contrary to the following ecclesiastical divisions:

canons, been buned m sacred n-ound, it should be Burma, Eastern, Vicariate Apostolic op (Bir-

exhumed with the ordinary s leave and buned m mani^ orientaus; cf. C. E., III-82d), is entrusted

the unblessed section of the cemetery if this can to the Seminary of Foreign Missions of Milan. Rt.

be done without grave mconvemence. Rgv Rocco Tomatore, who arrived in this mission

Burke, Thomas A. See Albany, Diocese op. J^ 1868, was appointed titular Bishop of Castabala

and Vicar Apostolic of Eastern Burma 1890, and

Burlington, Diocese of (Burlingtoniensis; cf. died on the Karen Hills, 26 January, 1908. He was

C. E., III-81b), comprising the whole State of Ver- the first Apostle of the Karens, Commendatore of

mont, U. S., has made very marked progress in the Crown of Italy, and of the Knights of Saints

recent years, the Catholic population having grown Mauritius aild • Lazarus. Rt. Rev. Emmanuel

from 75,953 in 1908 to about 90,000 at the present Segrada, b. at Lodi, 1860, was appointed his sue-

time (1^1). cessor, and consecrated titular Bishop of Irina, 24

The second bishop of the diocese, Rt. Rev. John January, 1909. Stephen Michaud, after a long illness died 22 De- Two hundred and forty-five villages on the cember, 1908, and was succeeded by the present Karen Hills, having a total population of 19,672, bishop, Rt. Rev. Joseph John Rice, D. D. He was are comprised in this vicariate. The entire popula- bom in Leicester, Mass., 6 December, 1871, studied tion numbers several millions, and of these only in Leicester Academy, Holy Cross College and the 20,192 are Catholic. The 1921 statistics credit it Seminary of Montreal, ordained 29 September, 1894, with 251 churches or chapels, 14 mission stations, continued his studies in the College of Propasanda, and 241 sub-stations. The work of the mission is Gregorian University and University of St. Tnomas carried on by 18 foreign missionaries, and the Sis- Aquinas in Rome, returned to America and later ters of the Reparation of Nazareth and the Sisters bc^me professor of Philosophy at St. John's Semi- of Charity assist them in educational and charitable nary, Brighton, Mass., being consecrated Bishop of works. The various institutions include an Anglo- Burlington 14 April, 1910. vernacular school for boys with 190 pupils, a ver-

During the World War Bishop Rice was an nacular school for Karen boys who are being

ardent supporter of all war work and under his trained as catechists, St. Joseph's High School for