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for an Indian child was taken from the parent and with the exception of a few Mohammedans. Two

vested in the government agent. The right of Catholic periodicals are published: one in Arme-

Catholic pupils in government schools to attend nian, "Luzachavigh/' is directed by the native

their own Catholic services was also recognized and clergy; the other in French, "Joyeux Noel/' is

proper religious instruction secured for them. He directed by the Capuchins.

obtained the use of the Indian Tribal funds for the •--.,, . ^ • ^ ^

education of Indian children in the mission schools, ^,^?:^^? Vicamatb Apostolic op (cf. C. E..

thereby bringing a revenue of $100,000 a year to XVI-84a), m the Sudan. Established as a mission

Catholic mission contract schools, having an enrol- ^^ 1^35 it was constituted a vicariate apostoUc in

ment of 1500 pupils. ^^^ under the name of Sudan, which was changed

In 1919 Father Ketcham was made a domestic ^^ 1^13 to Khartum, and the boundaries were

prelate by Pope Benedict XV. He was the per- modified in 1894 and in 1913 when it embraced part

Bonal friend of President Taft and President Roose- o^ the Prefecture Apostolic of Bahr-el-Gazal. It

velt, as well as of many of the Indian chiefs of was confided to the Missionaries of Verona. The

the United States. He translated a catechism and population of the vicariate is about 15,000,000, of

many hymns into the Choctaw language, and was whom 1027 are Catholics, 72 catechumens, and 3600

visiting the missions of this tribe at the time of Protestants. There are 24 missionary priests, 11

his death. churches and chapels, 12 stations, 10 schools, 5

orphanages, 18 lay brothers of the Institute of

Kettle, Thomas Michael, writer and politician, V?rona, and 31 Sisters. Rev. Anthony Stoppani.

b. in Co. Dublin, Ireland, in 1880; killed in the "icar Apostolic of Bahr-el-Gazal, was appointed

World War at Ginchy, France, on 9 September, administrator of the Vicariate Apostolic of Khar-

1916; son of Andrew J. and Margaret (McCourt) tum 17 February, 1922.

Kettle. He was educated by the Christian Brothers -R-i -*• /«- ir,^,^**,\ tr a /r

(Dublin) and by the Jesuits at Clongowes Wood p^"*^tt?'«7?J?'^!^^' 5^^^ liJ^'

College, and later graduated with honors in mental Sl:? ?J;ll®^i; '^^

and moral science from University College, Dublin. X^i^P'^TSn ^T-^^Jl^^^^^^ vicariates m

In 1906 he was admitted to the Irish Bar after P^^^^fei^^' l?f*^tif ^^^^^^^

winning the Victoria prize. In the same year, ^ill J*?^^™ f hi fiif il^if J7il?f ^^- ?'l^t^^'^

while Be was editor of "The Nationist," he wa^ ^^^^^^ITa i^l JI2 "" '• P^^^^^*"^? ""{ S^'lt^™

elected to Parliament, where he represented East S^^fl^ tSl .°!:l^.l T^f^f L^""*^! °^ ^J^*^^™

Tyrone until 1910. In 1909 he was called to the Kiang-a with residence at the latter ph^^^

chair of National Economics in the National Uni- i^Tfi* i Jn^ u'^^t ?P°«^°^*^ *!, ^^« ^'^^^

versity of Ireland, and in 1913 was elected one of ST"x&^if^'?°P.^ ^f'Jf "* and vicar apostolic

the governors of University College, Dublin. He Z^^^^^^^'^^T^'^n^^^ *^® erection of the new

marned Miss Maiy E. Sheehy, who like himself ??7"*i^- tu?"?^^? J^'"^^^ "!?** 1?"°^ ** Bruciano

belonged to a family that played a prominent part J^t ^W/ri«-.« ^^Va ^;i ^^^TA^^^ S°?^^- ^'♦u ^

in Ireland's poHtici strugdes in the nineteenth l^^^'^^f If^' ^'l^'^^"^ ^^^ ^^-^ ^^^S^'"*-^

century. In 1914 he helpid to organize the Irish t^^®. ^f «i^' ^^^,^ ^i^^^? ^°^ ^^"^ ^907. The

National Volunteers as a precaution against Sir ""'^Jl*,!® J?^^?^*^!^^^^^ -T ^I'^H^i. oai. •

Edward Carson's threatened^ rebellion. When the „.I^%%"®,^LiH'l''^^^ ^^/e^^^'^^'t.^ T"

war of 1914 broke out Kettle, believing that the fi^i^'n L, f 1 / L'^To^'JiVW^^^ ^^ "'•^^'^*"'

cause of justice called for his support of the Allies, S^i^2i^"^^.!^P^.'^i?'2^? Catholi<a, 3 aeminanM

enlisted in the British Army, and as a lieutenant Y^^K?^,!^^!'^^'^' ^ 5S£^°^^ f?"* o'^'^'^^'l^

in the Seventh Battalion of the Leinster Regiment ^F^^l}^ for girls with 389 pupils, 3 high schools

fell two years later. He translated "Contemporary ^^\ ^^. P^P^^^' ^ ^o™al school with 25 pupils,

Ireland" from the French of Paul Dubois, and ^ ^ndustnal schod with 12 pupils, 5 homes for the

"Christianity and the Leaders of Modern Science" *8^^ 5°°^ with 39 inmates, 2 hospitals. 8 orphan-

from the German of Alois Kneller. His essays, ^K?^, 6 refuges, and 2 asylums. , . , , ,

"The Day's Burden," reveal his literary charm and „ ^ 1915 the Kan-Kiang overflowed its banks and

Catholic, patriotic spirit, and place him high among ^^P^^^ the district causmg great damage to the

the essayists of the early twentieth century. A mjes^n. Many churchy, residences, hospitals, and

tiful sonnet written in the field near GwUemont . x^t^ »i ,....-

to his baby daughter. ? ^®^® ^^^ *o Europe, one of whom died returning

from the war, another remained in Europe on Kharput (cf. C. E., VIII-«33b), an Armenian account of infirmities contracted in the army, and Uniat diocese, bounded on the east by the Diocese ^ returned to the mission.

of Mush, on the west by the dioceses of Melitene Eiaag-nan, Vicariate Apostolic op. See Ejano- and Sebastia, on the south by the Diocese of Amida, su; Ngan-hoei.

and on the north by the Diocese of Erzerum. The »*«..« -« tr a « ^

population of the diocese is 600,000, of whom ^^ang-sl, Vicariate Apostouc op. See Kan- 100,000 are Christians of aU sects and about 4000 c^°^' ^'^^ Ki^-kiang; Yu-kianq. Catholics. There are 8 parishes or stations, with Eiang-sn, Vicariate Apostolic op (cf . C. E., Vni- 7 churches and 4 chapels, administered by 8 native 633b), in China, erected, according to papal Brief clergy, 6 Capuchin priests, and several lay brothers, of 8 August, 1921, by division of the former Vica- There is no seminary, aspirants to the priesthood riate Apostolic of Kiang-nan into the two vicariates being sent to Rome or to Constantinople. The of Kiang-su and Ngan-hoei, comprising the respec- resioence of the bishop is at Mansuret-el-Azin. tive provinces of those names and confided to the The instruction of young girls is confided to the Jesuits. The Vicar Apostolic of Kiang-nan, Rt. Armenian Congregation of the Immaculate Con- Rev. Prosper Paris, S.J., became Vicar Apostolic ception, the center of which is at Gile, and there of Kiang-su, with residence at Shanghai. Before are also Franciscan nuns in the diocese. There are the division the mission (1 July, 1921) had an 15 Catholic schools with 1200 children, all Catholics approximate population of 50,000,000 inhabitants,