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Louis Moorhead, and the energetic and devoted ber, and enthroned 1 December of the same year, staff which they have gathered around them in The present auxiliary bishop is Adolph Jelowicki^ medicine and surgery. Total registration, 193. bom 25 February, 1863, ordamed 7 December, 1890, The School of Sociology was founded in 1914 by preconized 9 November, 1918, consecrated 23 March, the Rev. Frederick Siedenburg, 8. J., after his return 1919, vicar general and domestic prelate of His from several years of post-graduate work in soci- Hohness, titular Bishop of Loryma. Among the ology in various European universities. Quarters clergy of note recently deceased are: Francis Jac- were secured in the Ashland Block in connection zewski. Bishop of Lublin, bom 9 May, 1832, or* with the law department, and the first school in dained 1855, administrator of the diocese 1885, the United States under Catholic auspices for the consecrated bishop 18 May, 1890, domestic prelate, training of social workers was opened. Its success assistant at the pontifical throne, died 23 July, 1914 ; from the beginning was marked. Students with a Anthony Nojszewski, rector of the diocesan semi- high school training are granted a certificate of nary, d. 10 September, 1921 ; Victor Su£dd, Dean of social economy at the conclusion of a two-year Zaklikow, d. 22 April, 1919; Anthony Komorow- course; those who have finished two years of col- skii. Dean of Lubartow, d. 14 June, 1919; Adolph lege work are given the degree of PhJB. As in all Majewski, prelate of the collegiate chapter of

grofessional schools of sociology, the time is divided Zamosc, d. /December, 1919; Adam Decjusz, canon

etween the history and theoiy of sociology and of the collegiate chapter of Zumosc, dean of Krasny-

actual field work. staw, d. 25 December, 1920; Venceslaus Koscielnia-

Shortly after the School of Sociology was estab« kowski, honorary cathedral canon, dean of Erasny-

lished, extension courses, with full academic credit, staw, d. 7 March, 1920.

were offered in the Ashland Block, in philosophy. The diocese is divided into 21 deaneries. The pedagogy, English, history, and modem languages. Cathedral chapter consists of 4 prelates, 8 canons. As the quarters became too small to accommodate and 3 honorary canons; there is also a collegiate the number of students, centers were opened, in chapter at Zamosc with 3 prelates, and 12 canonriea, various parts of the city, and the staff of lecturers of which 3 are vacant. The Catholic population increased. Li this way opportunities for educa- numbers 909,912 Poles. There are 325 secular and tional work are afforded members of the teaching 20 regular priests, and 10 lay brothers; 190 parishes Sisterhoods in Chicago. Rev. Frederic Siedenburg, with 249 churches; 5 convents for men and 20 for S.J., is also dean of this department, assisted by women; 1 diocesan seminary at Lublin with 11 Rev. Claude J. Pemin, S.J. professors and 102 students; 1 imiversity at Lublin There are two preparatory high schools in con- with a teaching faculty of 38 professors and a nection with the university: St. Ignatius High student body of 1250; 1 college for girls with 350 School on the West Side, with an attendance of students; 11 asylums; 2 hospitals. The Govern- about 600, and Loyola Academy in Rogers Park, ment does not contribute to the support of the with an attendance of some 350. These figures Catholic institutions. Among the clergy there is represent the capacity of the two schools. Hun- an association called 'Anitas." The religious oigani- dreds must be turned away because of the lack of zations among the laity are numerous, totaling accommodations. about 400. One Catholic monthly is published. Rev. Wm. H. Agnew, S. J., former editor of "The called "Wiadamosci Diecezjalue Lubelslue." The Queen's Work," has been appointed president of statistics of religious orders within the diocese are Loyola University and St. Ignatius College to re- are follows: 2 Jesuits, 3 Discalccd Carmelites, 4 place Rev. John Furay, S.X, who is resigning to Capuchin Friars Minor, 6 of the Observance, 17 become director of St. Mary's of the Lake, which Ursulines, 44 Sisters of Charity with 7 establish- will open in September (1922). For the last few ments; 6 Sisters of Divine Providence; 16 Sisters vears Father Agnew has been in St. Louis, but of the Third Order of St. Francis with 3 orphan- his new appointment will continue for six years. ages, 10 Little Servants of the Blessed Virgin with

Lublin, DiocESB op (Lublinensis; cf. C. E., ^ orphanages. , ^ „

IX-403a).— The Diocese of Podlachia, suppressed I»^cc»» Archdiocbsb op (Lucanensis; cf. C. E.,

by the Russian Government in 1867 and placed IX-405a), in the province of the same name, in

under the administration of the Bishop of Lublin Tuscany, Central Italy, directly dependent on the

and subsequently incorporated in that diocese, was Holy See. This see was filled by His Emin^ce

restored to its original dignity in 1918 following Benedetto Cardinal Lorenzelli from 14 November,

upon the expulsion of the Russians from Poland ^^^* ^^i^ April, 1910, when he retired. His sue-

in 1915 and the recent re-establishment of Polish lessor was appointed in the person of Most Rev.

independence. The first bishop of the restored dio- Angelo Arturo Marchi, bom m Copparo, Italy, in

cese is Henry Przezdziecki, bom 1873, consecrated 1846. ordained in 1868, made canon and pastor of

1918. The building of the Catholic Univeraity of the cathedral of Bologna, appomted archbishop of

Lublin was completed in 1918. It was founded by Reggio-Emiha 16 December, 1901, and transferred

Charles Jaroszyiski and iEgidius Radzizzewski, the 27 November, 1911. The 1920 statistics credit the

latter of whom was appointed its first rector. In archdiocese with 221,432 Catholics, 246 parishes,

the same year the houses and convents of the 512 secular priests, 120 seminarians, and 623 churches

rehgious were restored. Both clergy and laity re- ^^ chapels.

spondcd patriotically to the call of their country Lucera, DiocassE op (Lucerinbnsis; cf. C. E.,

during the World War. The clergy remaining at IX-406b), in the province of Foggia, Southern

home devoted themselves to the care of the desti- Italy, suffragan of Benevento. This see is filled

tute and omhaned, and in every parish stations by Rt. Rev. Giuseppe di Girolamo, bora in Val-

were erected for the relief of suffering. In this lecorsa, Italy, 1872, was made an assistant in the

work the Jesuits, Redemptorists, Lazarists, and office of the Congregation of the Coimcil in 1917,

Franciscans deserve special mention. One priest was named an honorary chamberlain in 1918, and

was unjustly put to death by the Hungarian soldiers, appointed 21 April, 1920, succeeding Rt. Rev.

and one was exiled into Austria. lK)rcnzo Cliieppa, transferred to this see 23 June,

The present bishop is Marianus Leo Fulman, 1909, died 15 October, 1918. During the vacancy

born 27 March, 1866, ordained 1 May, 1889, pre- the diocese was administered by His Eminence

conized 24 September, 1918, consecrated 17 Novem- Cardinal Ascalesi, Archbi^op of Benevento. The