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nonnal school; a school of arts and trades; a school Italian, Austria and JugoslaTia, Hungary, East of for women workers. There is a local Catholic paper. France, West of France, Belgium, Holbnd-England. the "Bolletino diocesano." Among the recent local North of the United States, South of the Unitea events of interest were the Euchaxistic oonmss in States, Brazil and Latin-America. The total num- 1913; the confirmation of the cultus of Blessed ber of subjects in the Union is 3617. The original Pelingotto by the Congregation of Bites on 12 number of communities, 63, haa been increaaed to 180 November. 1918; and the reorganisation of the within the past ten years. Of this number there are Royal Gallery of Art of the Marches, in the Ducal 33 houses m the Northern Province of the United Palace, for which many fine works were recently States, governing 71 establishments of which one is obtained. Among the distinguished citizens of a college at New Rochelle, numbering 300 students. Urbino in days gone by was Francesco Paciotto There are also 25 academies or boaxding schools, (1521-91) . the greatest nulitary architect of his age, 2 boarding schools for little boys, 35 parochial schools, one of whose notable works is the fortress of Ant- 6 Indian missions in Montana and 2 Esquimaux mis- werp. Worthy of note also is the new Cathedral, sions in Alaska. This province numbers 393 pro- erected in the days of Archbishop* Berioli, from the fessed religious, and 35 novices. The Southern plans of G. Valladier, the fagade being the work of Province oftiie United States numbers 341 professed Camillo Morgia of Ravenna. religious and 30 novices. The central novitiates are

-, ^1 Tx. /TT .' . ^ n rt at Dallas, Texas: Alton, 111.; and Fishkill, N. Y.

v^ ^StowP'?^ ^^ (Uromjjsnot; cL C. E., rj^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^ institute is R«v. Mother

XV— 223b), in the provmce of Lenda, Si»m, w j^^^ ^^ ^^^ j^ ^^^ ^^ re-elected to this

governed by Mgpr. Justmo Gmtart y Vilardebo, b. ^^ ^ September, 1920.

at Barcelona on 16 December, 1876; waa appomted ^^hv^xumw , *^ ^,.

to this see on 9 January, 1920; was consecrated on UrsoUnas of Quebec (cf. C. E., XV— 229c).— The

23 May following, and on 27 July made his entrance monastery at Quebec has had many improvements

into the valleys of Andorra, of which he is the (such as lighting and heating) in recent years. The

sovereisn prince. He succeeded Mgr.> now Cardinal, monastery comprises 17 buildings, including 4 for

Benllodi y Vivo, who was transferred to Burgos on servants, mechanics, and woSmen. The little

7 January, 1919. The diocesan records for 1921 chapel of the cloister, where the foundresses prayed show 170.000 Catholics; 20 archpriests; 620 pnests; for fifty years and where Mgr. de Laval, first Bishop 411 parishes and 676 churches and chapels. of Quebec, and the CamuSan Jesuit mar^rs said

17rhl.o«.. ABCHOxoc^K o.. See S^^o ^rih^^^J^lT^^i^^Ti/^^

Urltaiia, Diocese of. See Obia Mass (1642-1892), to commemorate the establish-

•« . ^ .^ ^, ^ m^M -M r. « / * mentof the Confraternity of the Sacred Heart in this

Ursula of the Blessed Virgin, SoaBnr op St. (cf. sanctuary and the first solemn feast in Canada in

CJJ. XV-228a).— Since the erection of the eener- 1700. f\^ was during the superiorship of Mother

alate in 1898 J^e s^P?"®" 8®f®™J,J^v« °^?- Marie de TAssomption Georgiana Letoumeau, who

Mother Marie de St. Pierre Hallez (1883-89), who did much for the monastery during the nine years when

obtained the revision by Rome, according to the ghe was at the head of the community (1890-96:

new regulations of the Church, of the original con- igog-H). Shedied6 March, 1916, and was succeedea

stitutions; Mother Marie Stanislas Vigouroux ^s superior in 1911 by Mother de Siskinte Aurdlie

(1889-95) ; Mother Marie de St. Charles de Caque- (Emma Chaperon), who in turn was succeeded

roy (1895-1920). under whose superiorship the ex- in 1917 by the present superior, Mother Saint Fran-

pulsions from the French convents took place and gois de Borgia (Alice Riverin). The constitutions of

who succeeded in keeping the members together, the community have been sent to Rome* for ap-

opening houses in foreign lands where the work and probation according to the requirements of the

spirit of the order are still aiive; Mother Th^rte canonical Code, lliere are four foundations of the

ou Rosaire Tenneson (1920), who has reopened oommunity and a branch house temporajrily opened

some of the French houses as a test of the good at Merici in 1902. The community numbers 102

will of the Government. These are family houses members, with about 600 pupUs under instruction,

for girls rather than academies, since the nuns can including 66 in the normal school, founded in 1867.

not teach any of the subjects included in the In 1912 their institution at Quebec was affiliated with

program of education in Fnuice. The nuns take the Laval University and the students may obtain a

care of the children, and lay professors comprise diploma and degree from the university upon passing

the teaching staff. The revised Code of Canon Law the necessary examinations, did not necessitate any change in the government

or rule of the order, this change having been made Uruguay (cf. C. E., XV — ^230d), a South Amer-

under the pontificate of Leo XIII. The period of ican Republic, has an area of 72, 163 square miles, and

novitiate is two years, followed by five years of an average of 19.2 people to the squaro mile. In 1919

temporary vows. After this time of probation, the the totali)opulationwas 1,462,887; that of Montevideo

members are admitted to perpetual profession. City on 30 November, 1920, was 361,960. Of tiie

The community in New York has its novitiate and other cities, Paysandu had 26,000 inhabitants; Salto

Erovincial house in the Convent of Our Lady of 30,000; Mercedes 23,000. In 1919 there were 39,307

oiudes (W. 142d St.), and has acquired two livins births, 1291 still-births. 7632 marriages and

houses nearby for the Academy of Our Lady of 18,904 deaths. The surplus of births over deaths was

Lourdes, which includes a commercial and secre- 20^403.

tarial course. Religion. — State and Church are separated, and

there is complete religious liberty. The relifldon pro-

Ursnllnes (cf. C. E., XV — ^228c). — Under the fessed by the majority of the inhabitants is CathoUc.

direct guidance of the Holy See, the Roman Canonical The Archbishopric of Montevideo (q. v.) has two

Union nas made steady progress since 1912. Many suffragan bishops, one in Salto (q. v.) and one in

important affiliations have been effected, notably Mdo (q. v.). The 1908 census showed 430,096

those of the historic foundation at New Orleans, the Catholics, 12,232 Protestants, and 46,470unspecined.

oldest Ursniline community in the United States. Education. — Primary education is obligatoiy. In

and Uiat of Santa Rosa in California. The original 1919 there were 996 public schools with 106,906

8 provinces have been increased to 11: the Greco- enrolled pupils and 183 private schools with 19,410