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CLUGXET, JOSEPH-LEOX-TIBURCE, Litt.Lic, Paris: Einmeram, Saint; Eucherius, Saint.

COGHLAN, DANIEL, D.D., Professor op Dog- matic Theology, St. Patrick's College, May- NooTH, Dublin': Dogma; Dogmatic Facts.

COLEMAN, AMBROSE, O.P., M.R.I.A., St. Sav- iour's Priory, Dublin; Dixon, Joseph; Dow- dall, George.

COPPENS, CHARLES, S.J., Professor of Phi- losophy, St. Louis L'n'Iversity, Missouri: Di- rection, Spiritual; Examination of Conscience.

COPPIETERS, HONORE, S.T.D., Professor of Hebrew .vnd Holy Scripture, College du P.ape, Louvaix: Evangeliaria (First Part).

CORBETT, JOHN, S.J., New York: Embroidery in Scripture.

CRONIN, Mgr. CHARLES JOHN, D.D., Vice- Rector, English College, Roue: English Col- lege, The, in Rome.

CULLEN, JOHN B.A.PTIST, Dublin: Eimhin, Saint; Eithene, Saint; Eithne, Saint; Eustace, Saint; Eustace, IMaurice.

D'ALTON, E. A., M.R.I.A., Athenri", Ireland: Donle\'7, .Andrew; Down and Connor, Diocese of; Doyle, James Warren; Duffy, Sir Charles Gavan; Egan, Boetius.

DEASY, TIMOTHY J., D.D., Ph.D., Ellenora, Ohio: Elder, William Henry.

DEBUCHY, PAUL, S.J., Litt.L., Enghien, Bei^ gium: Discernment of Spirits.

DEL.\MARRE, LOUIS N., Ph.D., Instructor in French, College of the City of New York; Dupin, Pierre-Cliarles-Fran^ois; Estaing, Jean- Baptiste, Comte d'.

DELANY, JOSEPH F., New York: Distraction; Error; Euthanasia.

DEPPEN, LOnS G., Louisville, Kentucky; Durbin, Elislia John.

DEVINE, .\RTHUR, C.P., Professor of Theology, St. Saviour's Retreat, Broadway, Worces- tershire, England: Dominic of the Mother of God.

DOMANIG, KARL, Ph.D., Honorary Imperial Councillor, Chief Director of the I.mperial Collection of Coins, Klosterneuburg, Aus- tria: EckJiel, Joseph Hilarius.

DONNELLY, NICHOL.\S, Titular Bishop of Canea, Dublin; Dublin, Archdiocese of.

DONOHUE, J.\MES, S.P.M., New York: Fathers of Jlercy.

DONOVAN, STEPHEN M., OJ-.M., Franciscan Monastery, Washington: Discalced.

DRISCOLL, JAMES F., D.D., President of St. Joseph's Seminary, Dunwoodie, New York: EuthaUus; Eve (in Scripture) ; Ezechias.

DRISCOLL, JOHN THOM.^S, A.M., S.T.L., Fonda, New York: Dongan, Thomas.

DUBR.\Y, C. a., S.T.B., Pn. D., Professor op Philosophy, Marlst College, Washington: Duhaniel, Jean-Baptiste; Duperron, Jacques- Davy; DjTiamism; Emanationism; Encyclo- pedists; Epistpniology; Espence, Claude d'; Faculties of the Soul.

DUFFY, DANIEL P., S.S., A.M., S.T.L., J.C.L., Pro- fessor OF Holy Scripture, St. M.uiy's Sesh- NARY, Baltimore: Eleazar; Eliseus; Esau.

DUFFY, P. L., A.B., A.M., LL.D., Auditor, Dioce- s.vN Curia, Charleston, South Carolina: England, John.

DUNN, Mgr. JA3IES J., Meadville, Pen'nsylVjVNIa: Erie, Diocese of.

DUNN, JOSEPH, Ph.D., Professor of Celtic Lanc.u.^^ges ,\nd Literature, Catholic Uni- versity OF A.MERICA, Washington: Druidism.

EDM0NT)S, COLUMBA, O.S.B., Fort Augustus, ScoTL.tND: Edmund Rich, Saint; Erconwald, Saint; Ernan, Saints; Ewald, Saints.

ENGELH.\RDT, ZEPHYRIN, O.F.M., 'Watson- ville, California: Dolores Mission; Dumetz, Francisco; Duran, Narcisco.

EWING, JOHN GILLESPIE, A.M., Juan, Porto Rico: Ewing, Thomas.

FANNING, WILLIAM H. W., S.J., Professor of Church History .\nd Canon Law, St. Louis University', SIissouri: Distributions.

FENLON, JOHN F., S.S., S.T.D., President of St. Austin's College, Brookland, D.C; Profes- sor OF S.vcRED Scripture, St. Maris Semi- nary, Baltimore; Emery, Jacques- Andr^.

FITA Y COLOMER, FIDEL, S.J., Me.mber of the Royal Academy of History, Madrid: Eulalia of Barcelona, Saint; Eulogius of Cordova, Saint; Evora, Archdiocese of.

FITZPATRICK, MALLICK J., New York: Drum- goole, John C.

FORTESCUE, ADRIAN, Ph.D., D.D., Letchworth, Herts, Engl.vnd: Doxology; Durandus, Wil- liam; Durandu.s, William, the Younger; Durham Rite; Eastern Churches; Elias of Jerusalem; Eparchy; Ephesus, The Seven Sleepers of; Ephraim of .\ntioch; Epiklesis; Epiphanius of Constantinople; Etherianus, Hugh and Leo; Euchologion; Eudocia; Euphemius of Constan- tinople; Eusebiusof Laodicea; Eustathius of Sc- baste; Eutychius I (Patriarch of Constantinople); Eutychius (Melchite Patriarch of Alexandria); Exarch.

FOX, JAMES J., S.T.D., B..\., Professor op Phi- losophy, St. Thohl\s's College, Washington; Dutj'; Egoism.

FOX, WILLL\M, B.S., M.E., Associate Professor of Physics, College op the City op New York ; Divisch, Procopius.

FUENTES, VENTURA, A.B., M.D., Instructor, College of the City of New York: Encina, Juan de la; Enciso, Diego Ximenez de; Enciso, Martin Ferndndez de; Ercilla y Ziiniga, Alonso de; Espinel, Vicente; Espinosii, Alonso de.

GERARD, JOHN, S.J., F.L.S., London; Dionysius


GEUDENS, FRANCIS MARTIN, O.Pr^m., Abbot Titular of Barlings, Corpus Christi Priory, M.vnchester, England; Druys, Jean.

GIETMANN, GERARD. S.J., Teacher of Classical Languages and ^Esthetics, St. Ig.natius Col- lege, Valkenbi'Rg, Holland: Diircr, ,\lbrecht; Ecclesiastes, Book of; Erwin of Steinbach.