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A Legend of Knockmany

"Well, honest man," replied Oonagh, "if you're not able to eat the bread, say so quietly, and don't be wakening the child in the cradle there. There, now, he's awake upon me."

A Legend of Knockmany - Illustration 1.jpg

Fin now gave a skirl that startled the giant, as coming from such a youngster as he was supposed to be. "Mother" said he, "I'm hungry—get me something to eat." Oonagh went over, and putting into his hand a cake that had no griddle in it. Fin, whose appetite in the meantime had been sharpened by seeing eating going forward, soon swallowed it. Cucullin was thunderstruck, and secretly thanked his stars that he had the good fortune to miss meeting Fin, for, as he said to himself, "I'd have no chance with a man who could eat such bread as that, which even