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O V ,- ^ CONTENTS OF THE SECOND VOLUME. CHAPTER I. Iiilliic-nce of the Catholic Missions of the Middle Ages upon European Civilisation. — Origin of the Lama Hierarchy and the Ceremonies, of the Buddhist Faith. — Vasco de Gama doubles the Cape of Good Hope. — Portuguese Establishment on the Coast of Malabar. — First Conquests of the Portuguese as related by a Syrian Monk. — /The Portuguese undertake the Discovery of the Cathay of Marco Polo. — They land at Canton. — Embassy of Thomas Pircs to Pekin. — Deplorable Issue of the Undertaking. — Fran9oi3 Xavier resolves to convert the Chinese to Christianity. — After many adverse Accidents he reaches the Isle of Sancian. — Death of St. Francois Xavier in sight of Ciiina. — Gaspard de la Croix, the first Missionary who penetrated into the Celestial Empire. — Commercial Relations of the Portuguese and Chinese. — Establish- ment of Macao. — Father Roger. — Father Matthieu Ricci. — First JNIission in the Province of Kouang-Si - - Page 1 CHAP. II. The Missionaries ai-e forced to abandoa Tchao-Klng. — Return to Macao. — New and fruitless Efforts to re-enter the Empire. — The Viceroy recalls Fathers Roger and Ricci to Tchao-King. — Grant of Land to build a House and Church. — Buddhist Towers. — Pagodas. — Success and Hopes of the Missionaries. — Erection of a Chapel Preludes to preaching the Gospel. — A dying Man baptized. — Interpretation of Christian Charity by Letters. — Success and Persecution. — Ricci applies himself to the Sciences and Letters.— ^Singular Map of the World in the Chinese Taste. — Completion oflHe'Church. — Attempt at a Spanish Embassy to Pekin. — Two more Missionaries in the Interior. — Journey of Father Roger to Han-Tcheou-Fou. — Chinese Alchemists. — Ras- cality of the Neophyte Martin. — His Judgment. — Fresh Persecution. — Peace returns. — Fete of old Men. — Memorial against the Euro- peans. — Defence of Father Ricci. — His Popularity. — Solemn Visit

of the Imperial Commissioner to the Mission of Tchao-King 45