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rage, and turning to the carpenter he said in a fury:

'Why do you insult me?'

'Who insults you?'

'You called me Polendina! . . .'

'It was not I!'

'Would you have it, then, that it was I? It was you, I say!'





And becoming more and more angry, from words they came to blows, and flying at each other they bit, and fought, and scratched manfully.

When the fight was over Master Antonio was in possession of Geppetto's yellow wig, and Geppetto discovered that the gray wig belonging to the carpenter had remained between his teeth.

'Give me back my wig,' screamed Master Antonio.

'And you, return me mine, and let us make friends.'

The two old men having each recovered his own wig shook hands, and swore that they would remain friends to the end of their lives.

'Well then, neighbour Geppetto,' said the carpenter, to prove that peace was made, 'what is the favour that you wish of me?'