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the parapet, and sent it to the colonel commanding the legion, who immediately transmitted it with a note to General Lee."

No. 38—(612, 703) In Tracy's brigade, Stevenson's division, department of Mississippi and Eastern Louisiana; Gen. John C. Pemberton commanding. (1059) In Lee's brigade, Stevenson's division, army of Vicksburg, Demopolis, Ala., August 29th.

No. 55—(662) In Pettus' brigade, Stevenson's division, army of Tennessee, General Bragg commanding, November 20, 1863; Capt. John W. Davis commanding regiment. (724) Return of casualties: 9 killed, 39 wounded, Missionary Ridge. (725) General Cheatham in special orders thanks the officers and men of his command. He says: "It was Pettus' brigade (of his division) which first checked an enemy, flushed with victory on Lookout mountain, and held him at bay until ordered to retire." (731-732) Mentioned in Gen. E. W. Pettus' report of the battle of Missionary Ridge: "The Twentieth Alabama behaved gallantly."

No. 56—(804, 823, 884) In Pettus' brigade, Stevenson's division, army of Tennessee, December, 1863. Total present, 526; Lieut.-Col. M. T. Porter commanding regiment.

No. 59—(869) Assignment as above, April 30, 1864: Col. J. M. Dedman commanding regiment.

No. 74—(641, 649, 656, 663, 672) Assignment as above, April to August, 1864. Capt. I. W. Davidson commanding regiment, July, 1864.

No. 78—(853) Assignment as above, September 20, 1864.

No. 93—(665, 1224) Assignment as above, to December, 1864. (694) Gen. C. L. Stevenson's report of campaign in Tennessee, September 29 to December 17, 1864. Regiment highly commended.

No. 94—(799, 801) Aggregate present, 334, January 19, 1865. Pettus' brigade, Lieut.-Col. John W. Davis commanding regiment.

No. 98—(1065) Assignment as above. Forces commanded by Gen. Joseph E. Johnston, April 9, 1865: Lieut.-Col. James K. Elliott commanding.

No. 100—(733) Assignment as above, March 31, 1865, Lieut.-Col. John W. Davis commanding.


This regiment was organized in Mobile in October,