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Tennessee, July 31, 1864. Capt. Napoleon B. Rouse in command of regiment. (671) Deas' brigade, army of Tennessee, August 31, 1864. (778-779) Captain Rouse's report of operations, July 22d and 28th. On the 22d it carried into the fight 273 men; killed, wounded and missing, 113, including two color-bearers. On the 28th it carried into the fight 173 men; killed, wounded and missing, 23, including two color-bearers.

No. 78—(853), No. 93—(664) Assignment as above, to December 10, 1864.

No. 98—(1064) Brantly's brigade, Lee's corps, Johnston's army. After April 9, 1865, consolidated with Twenty-second, Thirty-ninth and Fiftieth, under Colonel Toulmin.


The Twenty-sixth Alabama infantry was organized at Tuscumbia in December, 1861. Its companies were recruited from the counties of Fayette, Marion, Walker, Winston, and the upper portions of Tuscaloosa county.

While yet in camp of instruction at Tuscumbia, two of its companies, under the command of Maj. John S. Garvin, were ordered to Fort Donelson, where they were captured; but, being released, rejoined their command in the spring, the regiment having in the meantime been transferred to the army of Northern Virginia and attached to Rodes' brigade of immortal memory, and served under Stonewall Jackson and R. E. Lee.

Many of the officers had already seen service in the Fifth Alabama, Colonel Rodes, and they were glad to be associated with their old command.

From the siege of Yorktown, April 5 to May 3, 1862, in which it took part, until the close of the war, the regiment was always in the battle front and won imperishable renown. It fought in the battles around Richmond. The regiment was led in the battle at Williamsburg, May sth, by Gen. Joseph E. Johnston. It was distinguished at Seven Pines, May 31st and June 1st. It fought at Mechanicsville, June 26th; Gaines' Mill, June 27th and