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No. 55—(658) Moore's brigade, Hardee's corps, November 20, 1863, army of Tennessee, General Bragg. (691) Casualties, November 24 and 25, 1863, 4 killed, 20 wounded. (704) Mentioned in Gen. J. C. Moore's report of engagements on Lookout Mountain and Missionary Ridge.

No. 56—(726) Stone's sharpshooters, Ector's brigade, French's division, November 20, 1863. In department of Mississippi and East Louisiana, General Johnston. (803) Moore's brigade, Cheatham's division, December 10, 1863. In army of Tennessee, General Hardee. (822) December 14, 1863, 429 total present. (884) Assignment as above, December 31st.

No. 57—(480, 481) Report of Col. John H. Higley, commanding brigade, operations February 23 to 27, 1864.

No. 58—(583) On December 16, 1863, General Johnston was directed to turn over the immediate command of army of the Mississippi to General Polk. This department was officially called "The department of Alabama, Mississippi and East Louisiana." (584) "Stone's sharpshooters," Ector's brigade, January 20, 1864, in General Polk's army. (The sharpshooters under Lieutenant-Colonel Stone were evidently a detachment of the Fortieth.) (587) Moore's brigade, Hardee's corps, January 20, 1864, army of Tennessee, General Johnston; Lieutenant-Colonel Stone in command of regiment.

No. 59—(870) Baker's brigade, Stewart's division, April 30, 1864, Hood's corps, army of Tennessee; Capt. Elbert D. Willett commanding regiment.

No. 74—(641, et seq.) Assignment as above, April to August, 1864; August 31st, Col. John H. Higley commanding regiment. (844-847) Gen. Alpheus Baker's report: May 10th, Capt. E. Marsh, a valued officer, was killed; May 15th, standard-bearer (Sergt. Preston L. Gilder) acted with the highest gallantry and fell in front of his comrades, pierced by the bullets of the foe. He speaks also of Colonel Higley. (849, 850) Colonel Higley's report of Rocky Face mountain, May 10th: Captain Marsh and 2 privates killed; Lieut. J. C. Moore and 4 privates wounded. May 15th, Sergt. P. S. Gilder was killed several paces in front of his command; colors were left on field. Adjutant Ellerbee, Lieutenant Knighton and Lieutenant Peteet returned to field and secured colors under a heavy fire. Loss, 5 killed, 34 wounded;