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The First Confederate battalion was organized in the spring of 1862 from two companies of the Second Alabama, which was disbanding. It fought at Corinth, Baker's Creek, Vicksburg and Jackson; remained in Rust's brigade, army of Mobile, until April, 1863, when it was sent to Bragg's army and brigaded under Reynolds, and afterward, Adams. In March, 1864, it was transferred to the army of Northern Virginia and placed in Davis' brigade, where it served until the close of the war, fighting at the Wilderness, Cold Harbor, Petersburg, Weldon Railroad and Hatcher's Run. At the latter it was captured, April 2, 1865. It was commanded, successively, by Lieut.-Col. George Hoke Forney, Capt. J. M. Johnson, Lieut.-Col. Francis B. McClung and Capt. Anthony B. Bartlett. Colonel Forney was killed at the battle of the Wilderness; Capt. Mike Donahue was killed at Weldon Railroad; Capt. W. J. Scott was wounded at Second Cold Harbor.


Vol. X, Part 2—(396) Maj. L. W. O'Bannon commanding, mentioned in report of General Villepigue, April 6, 1862. (476) With Second Alabama, in Villepigue's troops, at Fort Pillow, April 30th. (608) Mentioned in troops in and around Grenada, Miss., June 12, 1862, 434 muskets.

Vol. XV—(1033) Maj. G. H. Forney, Rust's brigade, General Gardner's army, March 31, 1863.

No. 36—(252-256) General Pemberton's report of operations during siege of Vicksburg states that the battalion was sent to reinforce General Bowen, April 15, 1863. (663) Posted at Winkler's Bluff, April 30th; General Bowen's report of the battle of Port Gibson.

No. 38—(706-746) Assignment as above. Ordered to remain at Jackson and report to General Adams, April 15, 1863. (755, 756, 761, 773) Ordered to General Bowen, April 17, 1863. General Bowen says: "Just arriving," Grand Gulf, Miss., April 21, 1863. (936) Reynolds' bri-