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Dam No. 1, April 16th, a part of the Seventeenth was engaged. At Williamsburg, the Nineteenth, Col. C. H. Mott, was very actively in the fight. Captain Macon, skirmishing in the woods in front, was desperately wounded, but while in the greatest agony gave accurate information of the enemy’s position. The regiment was then ordered to charge and at the first volley from the Federals Colonel Mott fell, shot through the body. The right of the regiment, under Lieut.-Col. L. Q. C. Lamar, pressed forward and drove the enemy back to an abatis. The left was equally successful and suffered severely. The colors were borne in succession by Sergeant Peebles, Private William P. Meaders, Private John Halloran, and after they were all disabled, Lieutenant Jones, who planted them on the enemy’s cannon. The regiment took into action 501 men and lost 15 killed and 85 wounded. The Second battalion fought on the same line with the Nineteenth, and lost 5 killed and 30 wounded.

At Seven Pines, on the first day, the Second battalion, 300 strong, was the skirmish line of Garland's brigade, and during the fight, continued in the front rank, mingling with other commands. Of this command Privates Sutton, Willis, Williams and Hankinson and Sergeant Weeks were named by the commander as being entitled to the badge of honor. The loss of the battalion was 12 killed, 71 wounded and 4 missing. The Second and Eleventh regiments fought with Law’s brigade and won distinction. The Twelfth, Col. W. H. Taylor, opened the fight for Rodes’ brigade in this battle, gained the position on which the brigade rallied, and advancing, drove the enemy from his camp, and again held their ground unflinchingly. Colonel Taylor and Sergt. Robert Hall were particularly commended for bravery. The loss of the regiment was 41 killed and 152 wounded,

A prominent part in the famous raid made by Stuart around McClellan’s army on the Chickahominy was taken by 250 men of the Jeff Davis Legion, commanded by