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Capt. D. C. Gillelyn, Capt. J. E. Johnson, Capt. W. C. Martin; Mississippi State Rangers, Capt. Isham J. Warren; Second Tennessee cavalry battalion, Lieut.-Col. C. R. Barteau; Owen’s and Thrall’s Arkansas batteries; Rice’s Tennessee heavy artillery; Hewlett's Alabama Partisan Rangers.


Brig.-Gen. John Adams commanding.

First Choctaw battalion, Maj. J. W. Pierce; First Mississippi battalion, Maj. W. B. Harper; Fourteenth Mississippi, Col. G. W. Abert; Company C, Fifteenth Mississippi infantry, Capt. P. H. Norton; Bolen’s and Terry’s Kentucky cavalry companies; Third Mississippi brigade, State troops, Brig.-Gen. J. Z. George, at Grenada.


Brig.-Gen. James R. Chalmers commanding.

First Mississippi cavalry, Partisan Rangers, Col. W. C. Falkner; Third Mississippi cavalry, three companies, Col. John McQuirk; Eighteenth Mississippi cavalry battalion, Maj. A. H. Chalmers; Mississippi State troops, Capt. Samuel Matthews; Mississippi cavalry companies, Capts. J. Y. Smith, Sol. G. Street, J. F. White; cavalry battalion State troops, Maj. G. L. Blythe.

On April 1st, Stevenson's division had 681 officers and 9,795 men present for duty; Smith’s division, including Hébert, 600 officers and 6,421 men; Bowen's division (then Forney’s), 395 officers and 4,169 men; Loring’s division, including Moore, 549 officers and 6,678 men. Adams had 53 officers and 378 men; Chalmers, 82 officers and 780 men; Ruggles, 152 officers and 1,809 men.

This shows a grand total fighting strength in Mississippi, exclusive of the southern district, of 2,512 officers and 30,030 men. The "aggregate present," exclusive of the southern district, was 41,107; "aggregate present and absent," or total enrolled, 55,590.