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altogether numbered but 2,000 men. Being speedily surrounded by superior forces, many were captured. The remnants of the Mississippi regiments of this brigade were then commanded as follows: Thirteenth, Lieut. W.H. Davis; Seventeenth, Capt. Gwin R. Cherry; Eighteenth, Lieut. John W. Gower; Twenty-first, Lieut. Benjamin George.

General Davis' brigade was surrendered at Appomattox, including the Second, Eleventh, Twenty-sixth, and Forty-second regiments. General Harris' regiments were commanded at that time as follows: Twelfth, Capt. A. K. Jones; Sixteenth, Lieut.-Col. James H. Duncan; Nineteenth, Col. Richard W. Phipps; Forty-eighth, Col. Joseph M. Jayne. The remnant of Humphreys' brigade, at its surrender at Appomattox under Captain Cherry, numbered 20 officers and 231 men; Davis' brigade had 21 officers and 54 men; and Harris' brigade had 33 officers and 339 men.

Meanwhile the Mississippi infantry of the armies of Tennessee and Mississippi had joined the forces under Gen. J. E. Johnston for the defense of the Carolinas. Loring's division was there, forming part of Stewart's corps of three divisions, one of which was commanded by Walthall. The whole corps contained only 1,000 fighting men. Featherston's brigade, reinforced by part of several Arkansas regiments, included heroic fragments of the Third, Thirty-first, and Fortieth Mississippi, under Col. James M. Stigler; the First, Twenty-second and Thirty-third regiments and First battalion, under Col. Martin A. Oatis; and the Twenty-seventh, Maj. Q. C. Heidelburg. The brigade of Gen. Robert Lowry contained the Fifth, Fourteenth and Forty-third, consolidated under Col. Robert J. Lawrence; and the Sixth, Fifteenth, Twentieth and Twenty-third, under Lieut.-Col. Thomas B. Graham.

In Lee's corps, which was 2,500 strong, were General Sharp's brigade, the Fifth, Eighth, Thirty-second, and Third battalion, Capt. J. Y. Carmack; Seventh, Ninth, Tenth, Forty-first, Forty-fourth, and Ninth battalion,