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Scruggs commanding the Fourth Alabama received wounds while discharging his duty."

Vol. XIX, Part 2—(719) Inspection report of Gen. R. H. Chilton, November 14, 1862: "Fourth Alabama, Col. P. D. Bowles: Arms mixed, in tolerable order, 12 wanting; 50 men needing clothes and shoes; 2 barefooted; camp in tolerable order."

Vol. XXI—(540, 559) In Law’s brigade, Hood’s division, army of Northern Virginia, General Longstreet, December, 1862. Medical director reports 3 killed and 16 wounded, battle of Fredericksburg, December 11 to 15, 1862. (622, 623) Report of General Hood of same battle mentions the Fourth Alabama, and gives casualties, 5 killed and 18 wounded. (624) General Law's report of the same says: "It is with deep sorrow that I report the death of Private U. S. Smith of the Fourth Alabama regiment, an acting officer on my staff. Alabama never bore a braver son, and our country’s cause has never received the sacrifice of a manlier spirit. He fell where the hour of danger always found him—at his post." He gives casualties 4 killed, 18 wounded. (1071) Assignment as above.

No. 44—(284, 339, 339) In Law’s brigade, Hood's division, army of Northern Virginia, Lieut.-Col. L. H. Scruggs in command of regiment, July, 1862. Return of casualties at battle of Gettysburg, July 1, 2 and 3, 1863, 17 killed and 49 wounded. (362) Mentioned in report of Gen. James Longstreet, Gettysburg campaign. Says General Law was severely wounded. (391, 392) Report of Lieut.-Col. L. H. Scruggs, Gettysburg campaign, says: "Both officers and men behaved with great gallantrv, and many brave and good soldiers fell. Total of casualties, 87." (418, 419) Report of Gen. Henry L. Benning, Gettysburg campaign, speaks well of the Fourth and their assistance in foiling the plans of the enemy.

No. 45—(920, 1059) Assignment as above. Col. P. D. Bowles commanding regiment.

No. 49—(683) and No. 507—(231) Same assignment.

No. 51—(18, 395) Assigned as above, Chickamauga campaign. Mentioned in report of Col. R. C. Tyler.

No. 54—(223, 225, 227) General Law’s brigade, Hood's division, Lieut.-Col. L. H. Scruggs in command of regiment. Mentioned in report of Gen. E. M. Law, Lookout valley, November 3, 1863: "With the assistance of the Fourth