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Government Gazette, 30 June 1982
No. 8281     5

Act No. 99, 1982.
Constitution Amendment Act, 1982

and additional to the electoral divisions into which the rest of the Republic and that province have been divided, as at the said commencement, in terms of section 42 read with paragraph (a) of this subsection, or are divided, at any time thereafter, in terms of that section as applied by subsection (3) of this section;
(c) the House of Assembly shall be composed of the members provided for in section 40 and a member for Walvis Bay, who shall be directly elected by persons entitled to vote at an election of such a member in Walvis Bay; and
(d) Walvis Bay shall, for the purposes of section 69 (1), the provisions of the Electoral Act, 1979 (Act No. 45 of 1979), and, unless it is clearly inappropriate, the provisions of any other law, be deemed to be delimited as an electoral division under this Act or the relevant provisions thereof, as the context may require.

(3) In the application of sections 42 and 43 of this Act with reference to a division of the Republic, after the commencement of section 2 of the Constitution Amendment Act, 1982, into the number of electoral divisions specified in subsection (1) of the first-mentioned section―

(a) Walvis Bay shall be deemed not to be part of the Republic or the province of the Cape of Good Hope; and
(b) the voters in Walvis Bay in terms of the current voters’ list, duly corrected up to the relevant date contemplated in subsection (1) of the said section 43, shall be deemed not to be voters in the province of the Cape of Good Hope,
but a reference to the relevant particulars of Walvis Bay, together with the number of voters therein as determined for the purposes of paragraph (b) of this subsection, shall be submitted to the State President by the commission constituted under subsection (1) of the said section 42 to make the relevant division and made known by the State President as provided in section 44, as if Walvis Bay had been delimited as an electoral division by that commission.”.

Amendment of section 55 of Act 32 of 1961, as amended by section 20 of Act 101 of 1969, section 20 of Act 102 of 1972, section 22 of Act 62 of 1973, section 1 of Act 99 of 1979 and section 22 of Act 101 of 1980.

3. Section 55 of the principal Act is hereby amended―

(a) by the insertion after paragraph (c) of the following paragraph:
(cA) is an officer or other employee in the service of any institution, council or body contemplated in section 84 (1) (f); or”; and
(b) by the substitution for subparagraph (vi) of paragraph (d) of the following subparagraph:
“(vi) a member of any council, committee, board or similar body established by or under any law, who receives no payment in respect of his services on such council, committee, board or body in excess of an allowance at a rate not exceeding the amount determined by the Minister of Finance by notice in the Gazette from time to time for each day on which he renders such services, any reimbursement of travelling expenses and subsistence expenses incurred by him in the course of such services and an allowance in respect of entertaining by him in connection with such services;”.

Amendment of section 76 of Act 32 of 1961, as amended by section 1 of

4. Section 76 of the principal Act is hereby amended by the substitution for subsection (2) of the following subsection:

(2) A member of the executive committee other than the administrator shall hold office until the constitution of