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34     No. 18596
Staatskoerant, 15 Januarie 1998

Act No. 1, 1998 Constitution of the Western Cape, 1997


Chapter 1 Founding Provisions
Chapter 2 Intergovernmental Relations
Chapter 3 Provincial Parliament
Chapter 4 Executive
Chapter 5 Local Government
Chapter 6 Provincial Administration
Chapter 7 Finance
Chapter 8 Police
Chapter 9 Other Constitutional Institutions
Chapter 10 Directive Principles of Provincial Policy
Chapter 11 General Provisions
Schedule 1 Oaths and Solemn Affirmations
Schedule 2 Elections
Schedule 3 Transitional Arrangements

(Afrikaans text signed by the Premier)
(Assented to 15 January 1998)

Constitution of the Western Cape


In humble submission to Almighty God,

We, the people of the Western Cape, through our elected representatives—

Recognising and striving to heal the injustices of the past,

Recognising the need for peace, reconciliation and justice,

Endeavouring to promote the development of the Western Cape and a better quality of life for all its people through just and effective government;