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50     No. 18596
Staatskoerant, 15 Januarie 1998

Act No. 1, 1998 Constitution of the Western Cape, 1997



(1) The Provincial Parliament may impose—

(a) taxes, levies and duties other than income tax, value-added tax, general sales tax, rates on property or customs duties; and

(b) flat-rate surcharges on the tax bases of any tax, levy or duty that is imposed by national legislation, other than the tax bases of corporate income tax, value-added tax, rates on property or customs duties.

(2) Provincial legislation may provide for user charges.

(3) The power of the Provincial Parliament to impose taxes, levies, duties and surcharges, as regulated by an Act of Parliament, may not be exercised in a way that materially and unreasonably prejudices national economic policies, economic activities across provincial boundaries, or the national mobility of goods, services, capital or labour.

Provincial budget


(1) The provincial budget and budgetary process must promote transparency, accountability and the effective financial management of the provincial economy, debt and the public sector.

(2) The provincial budget must comply with national legislation as envisaged by the national Constitution with respect to its form, when it must be tabled, the identification of the sources of revenue and proposed expenditure.

(3) The Provincial Minister responsible for financial matters must in respect of every financial year lay before the Provincial Parliament a budget, containing—

(a) estimates of revenue and expenditure, differentiating between capital and current expenditure;

(b) proposals for financing any anticipated deficit for the period to which they apply; and

(c) an indication of intentions regarding borrowing and other forms of public liability that will increase public debt during the ensuing year.

(4) In prioritising the allocation of funds in the provincial budget, the need to address imbalances, inequities and the development needs of the people of the Western Cape must be taken into consideration.

Provincial Treasury


(1) Provincial legislation must establish a provincial treasury and may prescribe in accordance with national legislation measures to ensure transparency, accountability and expenditure control, by introducing—

(a) generally recognised accounting practice;

(b) expenditure classifications; and

(c) treasury norms and standards.

(2) The provincial treasury, with the concurrence of the Provincial Minister responsible for financial matters, may stop the transfer of funds to a provincial organ of state only for serious or persistent material breach of the measures prescribed in terms of subsection (1).