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Dictionary of English Literature

Century Literature (1896), A History of Criticism (1900-4), History of English Prosody (1906-1910), The Later Nineteenth Century (1908), etc., Lives of Dryden (English Men of Letters) and Sir W. Scott, etc.

Sandys, John Edwin, Litt.D., (1844).—Scholar; joint ed. of Dictionary of Classical Mythology, Religion, etc. (1891), History of Classical Scholarship, in three vols. (1903-8), etc.; has produced many ed. of classics.

Sayce, Archibald Henry, D.Litt, LL.D., etc. (1846).—Orientalist and philologist, etc. Principles of Comparative Philology (1874), Babylonian Literature (1877), Monuments of the Hittites (1881), Ancient Empires of the East (1884), Races of the Old Testament (1881), Babylonians and Assyrians (1900), Archæology of Cuneiform Inscriptions (1907), etc.

Seaman, Owen (1861).—Parodist, etc. Œdipus and the Wreck (1888), Horace at Cambridge (1894), In Cap and Bells (1899), A Harvest of Chaff (1904), Salvage (1908), etc. Ed. of Punch since 1906.

Seccombe, Thomas (1866).—Miscellaneous writer. Twelve Bad Men (1894), The Age of Johnson (1900), The Age of Shakespeare (with J. W. Allen, 1903), Bookman History of English Literature (1905-6), In Praise of Oxford, etc.; was assistant ed. of The Dictionary of National Biography.

Seton, Ernest Thompson ("Seton Thompson") (1860).—Naturalist. Wild Animals I have Known (1898), Biography of a Grizzly, Two Little Savages, Biography of a Silver Fox (1909), books on natural history of Manitoba, etc.

Shaw, George Bernard (1856).—Novelist, critic, and dramatist. Novels: The Irrational Knot, Cashel Byron's Profession, etc.; Plays Pleasant and Unpleasant (1898), Three Plays for Puritans (1900), Man and Superman (1903), John Bull's Other Island, Doctor's Dilemma, The Shewing Up of Blanco Posnet (1909), etc.

Shiel, Matthew Phipps (1865).—Novelist. The Rajah's Sapphire, Shapes in the Fire, The Yellow Danger, Unto the Third Generation, etc.

Shorter, Clement King (I858).—Journalist and biographer. Charlotte Bronté and her Circle (1896), Sixty Years of Victorian Literature (1897), Charlotte Bronté and her Sisters (1905), The Brontés and their Correspondents (1907), Life of George Borrow (1907), etc.; is ed. of the Sphere.

Shorter, Dora Sigerson.—Poetess. The Fairy Changeling and Other Poems (1897), Ballads and Poems (1899), The Father Confessor (1900), As the Sparks Fly Upward (1904), Through Wintry Terrors (1907), etc.

Sims, George Robert (1847).—Novelist and dramatist, etc. The Dagonet Ballads, Memoirs of Mary Jane, Ten Commandments, Once upon a Christmas Time (1898), Joyee Pleasantry, etc.;