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I was afterwards a ſober preceptor at the Dean in the neighbourhood of Edinburgh, and there maintained a fair character for seven years, till in one unlucky night, I ruined my wife Claudine, and five infant Claudeles by keeping too good company.

It was then no longer practicable for me to teach a ſchool, or live by ſyllabication; and the Devil and Claudero from that period, in the acceptation of Enthuſiasts, became ſynonymous terms.———I then had recourſe to a buſineſs, where I could live independant on a character, and for theſe twelve years paſt, have been employed by the gentlemen of law and phyſic as an Amanuenſis, who gave me the ſame encouragement, as if I had been an angel of light.———But now gentlemen, I am ſorry to ſay it, I can no more find the wonted demand for the hair ſtrokes of Claudero, and the ladies on the town. I am told, have been too potent rivals for me. It would be impious for me to complain, that I am created in the maſculine gender, or to envy thoſe proſtitutes the rewards of iniquity: So I have as my dernier effort for a livelihood attempted to give public Orations, and in my next I propoſe to recommend that darling virtue, Modeſty.

I ſhall not then, at this time, any longer tire your patience with my introduction: So for this bout I return you, gentlemen, my ſincere thanks, and bid you heratily farewell.



Gentlemen, MODESTY hath been been defined by moraliſts, to be kind of quick and delicate feeling in the ſoul, which makes her ſhrink and withdraw herſelf from every thing that has danger in it. It is ſuch an exquiſite