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Lobelia hypocrateriformis. Salver-shaped Lobelia.


Class and Order.

Pentandria Mongynia.

(Nat. Ord.—Lobeliaceæ.)

Generic Character.

Cor. tubo hinc fisso (raro integro); limbo 5-partito. Antheræ connate. Stigma bilobum, (nunc indivsum.) Capsula bilocularis, (raro 3-locularis,) apice supero bivalvi. Br.

Div. Isotoma. Br. Cor. hypocrateriformis, tubo integro, limbo parum inæquali. Antheræ imberbes (2 inferiores mucronatæ.) Flores racemosi.

Specific Character and Synonyms.

Lobelia hypocrateriformis; annua glabra, caule subsimplici, foliis linearibus integerrimis. Br.

Lobelia hypocrateriformis. Br. Prod. v. 1. p. 565. Spr. Syst. Veg. v. 1. p. 719.

Descr. A slender, scarcely branched, annual plant. Stems erect, glabrous, asis every part, wavy, rounded. Leaves scattered, remote, linear-filiform, from half to three quarters of an inch long, spreading, or often recurved, obtuse, entire, pale green, gradually becoming smaller upwards, and passing in bracteæ. Raceme terminal, few-flowered. Pedicals slender, wavy, much longer than the linear bracteæ. Calyx superior, of five linear-subulate, closely packed teeth. Corolla truly hypocrateriform; the tube slender twice or thrice as long as the calyx, entire, almost white: the limb five-partite, somewhat two-lipped, the segments broadly obovato-cuneate, submucronate,