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purple, with a small red spot at the base, the two upper ones rather the smallest, approximate, as are the three lower, of which the middle segment is the largest of all. Filaments white. Anthers oblong, bluish-purple. Germen obovate, furrowed, glabrous: Style a little exceeding the stamens: Stigma two-lobed.

This interesting little plant is a native of the Southern shores of New Holland, where it was discovered by Mr. Brown, and described by that learned author as the type of division of Lobelia which he calls Isotoma. Seeds were sent to the Glasgow Botanic Garden, by Mr. C. Fraser, and the plants blossomed in the greenhouse during the month of September, 1830.

We possess native specimens, gathered at King George's Sound, which are larger than the plant here figured.

Fig. 1. Flower. 2. Anthers and Stigma:–magnified.