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form a helmet, very convex, gibbous at the base, acuminate at the extremity, greenish-white, striated. Lower segment (of two combined segments) small in proportion to the rest of the flower, green, with two lanceolato-subulate lacinæ. Labellum linear-attenuated, downy, rather thickened and obtuse at the extremity. Column green, with two broad, white wings towards the extremity. Germen clavate, furrowed.

Introduced to the Royal Gardens at Kew from New Holland, in the year 1826. The drawing was made from an excellent flowering specimen, in September, 1828, and obligingly commenicated to Mr. Aiton.

In the direction the flower, and in the shape of the labellum, this species is altogether different from the P. curta, figured in our next plate.

Fig. 1. Back view of a Flower, nat. size. 2. Labellum, with its penicelated appendage. 3. Front view of the Column:–all but fig. 1. magnified.