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Cephalotus follicularis. Follicled Cephalotus.


Class and Order.

Dodecandria Hexagynia.

( Nat. Ord.—Rosaceæ. )

Generic Character.

Calyx coloratus 6-fidus, æstivatione valvata. Pet. o. Stam. 12, perigyna: Antherarum dorso glanduloso. Ovaria 6, distincta, monosperma, ovulo erecto. Styli terminales. Br.

Specific Character and Synonyms.

Cephalotus[1] follicularis. Labill. Fl. Nov. Holl. v. 2. p. 7. t. 145. Br. Rem. on Bot. of Terra Austr. p. 68. t. 4. De Cand. Prodr. v. 2. p. 591.

Descr. Root perennial, somewhat fusiform, the upper part dividing, as it were, into two or three short stems, which bear a cluster of elliptical, lanceolate, petiolated, entire, thickish, nerveless, purplish leaves; and amongst these, but principally occupying the circumference, are several beautiful and highly curious pitcher-shaped apppendages or operculated ascidia, attached by rather stout petioles where the lid unites with the margin of the ascidium. Their form is ovate or somewhat slipper-shaped, between foliaceous and membranaceous, green tinged with purple, furnished with two lateral oblique wings and one central one, the latter remarkably dilated at the margin, and all


  1. Derived from χιφχλη, a head, and ονς, an ear; on account of the glandular head of the anthers.