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Monodora Myristica. Jamaica Calabash-Nutmeg


Class and Order.

Polyandria Monogynia.

(Nat. Ord.—Anonaceæ. )

Generic Character.

Cal. 3-sepalus, sepalis basi unitis. Pet. 6, basi unita; 3 exteriora oblongo-lanceolata, undulato-crispata, 3 interiora cordiformia, conniventia. Antheræ numerosæ, sessiles, basin germinis cingentes. Germen solitarium. Stigma sessile. Bacca lævis, subglobosa, 1-locularis . Semina in pulpa nidulantia.

Specific Character and Synonyms.

Monodora[1] Myristica; baccis subglobosis magnis. D C.

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Anona Myristica. Gærtn. de Fruct. v. 2. t. 125. f. 1

American Nutmeg. " Long, Hist. Jam. v. 3. p. 735. " Bancroft in Lunan, Hort. Jam. v. 2. p. 10.

Descr. "This grows," according to Dr. Bancroft, to a large, branching tree, in habit resembling the Anonas. Leaves confined to the extremities of the branches, distichous, alternate, oblong, or sometimes obovate, somewhat cordate at the base, quite entire, nerved, veined, smooth, shining, of a bright, yet pale green above, paler still beneath, from four to five inches long, and from one to two


  1. From μονος, one, and δωρα, a gift, in allusion to its solitary fruit.