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This page needs to be proofread.

remarks, from all the other Genera of the Order. At this time, there is only one tree in Jamaica, near Stoney Hill, whence our specimens were taken, unless the report be correct, that a second exists at St. Thomas in the East.

From the Genus Monodora is to be excluded the M. microcarpa, Anona microcarpa of Jaquin (Fragm. Bot. t.44. f. 7), established by that author from the fruit of Mr. Brown's Cargillia australis, of the family of Ebenanaceæ; (See Brown's Bot. of Congo, p. 56) so that the Monodora Myristica is the only known species of the Genus.

A. Branch of Monodora Myristica, in flower; and B. Fruit (from Gærtner): nat. size.

Fig. 1. Portion of a Flower, the reflexed Limb of the Corolla being removed. 2. One of the inner petals or Segments seen from within. 3. Stamen. 4. Section of the Germen. 5. 5. Seeds. 6. Albumen. 7. Section of the Albumen, to show the Embryo. 8. Embryo. Fig. 1–4 more or less magnified.