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Banksia littoralis? Shore Banksia.


Class and Order.

Tetandria Monogynia.

(Nat. Ord.—Proteaceæ)

Generic Character.

Perianthum. quadripartitum (raro 4-fidum.) Stamina. apicibus concavis laciniarum immersa. Squamulæ hypogynæ 4. Ovarium biloculare, loculis monospermis. Folliculus ligneus: Diseppimento libero, bifido. Amentum flosculorum paribus tribracteatis! Br.

Specific Character and Synonyms.

Banksia littoralis?; foliis elongato-linearibus spinuloso-dentatis basi attenuatis subtus aveniis, perianthiis deciduis, folliculis compressis bracteisque strobili apice tomentosis, caule arboreo, ramulis tomentosis. Br.

Banksia littoralis? Br. in Linn. Soc. Trans. v. 10. p. 205? Prodr. Fl. Nov. Holl. p. 392? Rœm. et. schultes, Syst. Veg. v. 3 p. 438? Spreng. Syst. Veg. v. 1. p. 485? (excl. syn.) Bot. Reg. t. 1363.

Descr. Shrub erect. Branches ascending, purple, villous. Leaves scattered, pubescent when young, naked and dark green above when old, densely covered with snowy tomentum beneath; on short, erect petioles, linear, truncated, spinuloso-serrated, veinless, slightly revolute at the edges. Amentum (four inches "long, three inches broad to the extremities of the styles) terminal, upon a short, leafy, peduncle, the branches rising far above it, from a whorl at its base. Flowers in pairs, forming rather distant double lines along the rachis, with which, when fully expanded, they are nearly at right angles, expanding from above downwards. Bracteas tomentose, green where exposed,