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Alstrœmeria pallida. Pale-flowered Alstrœmeria.


Class and Order.

Hexandria Monogynia.

(Nat. Ord.—Amaryllideæ.)

Generic Character.

Perinanthium corollaceum, subcampanulaceum, sexpartitum, irregulare; laciniis duabus (vel-tribus) interioribus basi tubuloso-conniventibus. Stam. 6, laciniis inserta, demum declinata. Stigma trifidum. Capsula trilocularis, loculis polyspermis.–Caulis erectus, scandens aut volubis, foliatus Flores umbellati. Kunth.

Specific Character and Synonym.

Alstrœmeria pallida; caule erecto-flaccido, foliis lanceolato-linearibus denticulatis subamplexicaulibus, petalis exterioribus obovatis lateralibus latioribus lanceolatis, pendunculis unifloris.

Alstrœmeria pallida. Graham in Edin. Phil. Journ. v. 14. p. 345.

Descr. Stem simple, slender, flaccid, round, as well as the leaves glauco-pruinose, several rising from the same root. Leaves scattered, sessile, half-stem-clasping, sparingly denticulate, lanceolato-linear, flat above, keeled behind, and with several parallel ribs, of which one on each side is stronger than the others. Flowers umbellate. Perianth of six unequal segments, attenuated, succulent, and channelled and nectariferous at the base; four outer segments of an uniform, very pale rose colour, much reticulated, nearly of equal length, obovate, the lowest the narrowest and most pointed, and much the least attenuated