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wax 6 parts, petroleum 48. To be applied to the work whilst warm; allowed to cool, and then to be polished by rubbing with a coarse cloth.

Dark Varnish for light wood-work. Shellac 16 parts, gum sandarach 32, gum mastic 8, gum elemi 8, dragon's blood 4, anatto 1, white turpentine 16, alcohol 256. Dilute also with alcohol, if required.

Varnish which resists boiling water. Linseed oil 1½ pounds, amber 1 pound, pulverized litharge 5 ounces, powder white lead 5 ounces, minium 5 ounces. Boil the linseed oil in an untinned copper vessel, and suspend in it the litharge and minium in a small bag, which must not touch the bottom of the vessel. Continue the ebullition until the oil has acquired a deep brown color, then take out the bag, and put in a clove of garlic, this is to be repeated seven or eight times, the boiling being continued. Before amber is added to the oil, it is to be mixed with 2 ounces of linseed oil, and melted over a fire that is well kept up. When the mass is fluid, it is to be poured into the linseed oil, this mixture is to be boiled and stirred continually for two or three minutes. Afterwards, filter the mixture, and preserve it in a bottle well corked up. When this varnish is used the wood must be previously well polished, and covered with a thin coat of soot and spirits of turpentine. When this coat is dry, some of the varnish may be applied with a sponge, taking care that it is equally distributed on every part. This operation is to be repeated four times, being always careful that each coat be well dried before another is put over it. After the last coat of varnish the wood must be dried in an oven, and afterwards polished.

Turpentine Varnish. One pint of spirits of turpentine, 10 ounces clear resin pounded, put it in a tin can on a stove, and let it boil for half an hour. When the resin is dissolved, and the mixture has cooled, it will be ready for use.

White, hard, spirit Varnish. In three pints of rectified