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We offer our sincere apologies for coming to disturb your peace. But our boy, our beautiful stone, needs your wise and generous help, to start the ascent to DAANY BEÉDXE. Through my mouth the guardians of the path, humbly ask unto our brothers for help, your comprehension and your favor".

Carefully, the old man took the necessary mushrooms, very courteously said good and immediately started returning with the student.

The guardian and Night Eagle arrived in the afternoon to "The land of the beautiful twin". For seven days the young man was secluded in a room with total fasting. The seventh day in the evening, Burnt Stone took him to a temple where four maidens and an elderly woman waited at the altar. Night Eagle sat on a mat in the center of the room, at his right side was Burnt Stone. Next the women began a prayer in the strange language. The old woman cleaned the mushrooms very carefully; these were wrapped in large and smooth leaves. She smoked them and placed them in pairs on the altar.

Then the old woman began by saying:

"Very loved and dear brothers, we thank the Lord for whom we live, for his grace in allowing us to be here together; to you, we your most humble and ignorant brothers, infinitely thank your great generosity and kindness. Your wisdom is needed to help our precious stone, our quetzal feather, in his search for light. Humbly, we your brothers are grateful."

The maidens started such a harmonious prayer, it seemed a beautiful song. The old woman gave Night Eagle, fourteen pairs of mushrooms to eat. One by one, the young man ate them. Its dirt taste soon disappeared, to leave a strong acidity taste, which went for the salivary glands at the base of the brain. The room was in complete darkness. Night Eagle closed his eyes and