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Access to the court was from the north side, through some steps. The side walls of the largest rectangle were inclined from vertical, from the center out perpendicularly and from the inside out, were stuccoed to facilitate ball bouncing on a completely flat surface. In the four corners were niches where very strange stones were placed, heritage of the old Toltec grandparents, these stones emitted energy that created an energy field, with very special characteristics, advocating development of the forces that went into action there.

When the game started, Night Eagle was amazed by the energy, strength and agility of his Teacher. With the headdress and the deer leather and armadillo caparacho protections, which his Teacher wore in shoulders, forearms, and hip, seemed a young warrior just like Night Eagle, perhaps the only difference was the greater experience and speed that Star serpent had.

The game began to lengthen. The opponents maintained relentless from one another, perhaps the Teacher had a slight edge over his pupil, as Night Eagle could not believe his teacher’s capacity.

Hours passed and the Sun began sinking into the Kingdom of the Lord and Lady of the death. The red glow of the evening allowed seeing the players. Night Eagle then let his body take control and surrendered though his eyes to the ball. It was perhaps midnight, when Night Eagle returned to his mind and realized that the court was completely dark. Strangely he could perfectly perceive everything; the ball had a dull glow. The light produced by his Teacher and him, lit the court. However the two stone rings at the walls, had become two iridescent circles, where energy turned at high speeds, producing an indescribable range of colors.

Night Eagle first noticed that he was fully concentrated on the ball movement, but not with his mind, but