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After observing the valleys surrounding DAANY BEÉDXE and which in turn are surrounded by huge mountains, he sat facing north. At his feet was the large square, with the harmony of its buildings and spaces, linking earth with heaven, in the background the north building with its large columns and its inner sunken patio, behind, as millenarian sentries, the blue mountains of the Sierra Norte.

He was watching the view, when he heard his teacher voice behind him –You have chosen a site filled with special and incomparable energy. Star serpent, was standing behind his student, reason why the student was startled by the voice.

—Many warriors, like you, chose this place to let their spirit fly. Look boy, the spirit is like a beautiful bird that lives in our body, which very often have to invite to come out so it can fly through this wonderful world; otherwise becomes sad and sometimes dies, without we realizing. Every time it returns from one of these revitalizing flights, it sings in our self and life, although it is the same, becomes different, by the loud trills which reverberate and make our eyes shine.

And while your little bird goes flying around, I want to use the time to tell you some things.

As you know, we owe the old and wise Toltec grandparents everything we know. "The force", which is the energy that makes up the world. The valley inhabitants called the Supreme divinity or "Omnipresent Lord", because as he owns the space and distance, being next to everything, everything is also next to him; "Night wind" because it is invisible as the night and impalpable like the wind or simply "he for whom one live". But in a second comprehension level, another form of naming "The force" is "The divine duality", which is the same "force" represented by a pair of opposites but complementing, feminine and masculine. From "The