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lays their true potential. When the flourished death warrior, can make the "intent” his, we might suppose, that in principle he has won the better part of the florid battle.

Afternoons provided a very special fascination to Night Eagle. He did not know if the Valley had a bearing on the sacred mountain or it influenced the Valley, but the truth was that the site was a special place, a place of power.

When the fire darts eagle, began its slow path to the underworld to fight darkness, sunsets became something momentous that moved his feelings. The brightness was a wonderful event, which affected his spirit and invited him to visit its depths. By some mystery far from the possibilities of human understanding, DAANY BEÉDXE is an exceptional and astonishing place. The light is linked with the spirit and becomes a dimension, far beyond the possibilities offered by limited rationality. The mountain, valley, the broad and transparent space of DAANY BEÉDXE, as well as the mountain chains that surround it, promote the consciousness of being, to awaken from its lethargy.

DAANY BEÉDXE with its large square, its central buildings and those on both sides, is a large model of the Valley. The mountain where it’s built represents the central buildings; the plaza represents the valley, and the mountains surrounding the Valley by buildings on the sides. Altogether, the feeling in the sacred Jaguar Mountain is "balance", equilibrium, between the internal and external worlds. This balance allows feeling the contact between heaven and earth. It seems that at top the pyramids, the sky is available to the human. This impressive balance between matter and spirit is felt by the energetic body and exalts consciousness. The huge matter masses that have been worked in the complex, allow that the human spirit to remain attentive to the life miracle and consciousness.