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his column to the waist. The frightening sound was melodious and too long, went up and down in a stunning tonal scale.

Night Eagle was immobile, when the cry ceased, the fog cleared the upper part of DAANY BEÉDXE and a one yard thick layer remained over the plaza. The sky was completely clear and a huge moon lit up the top of the holy mountain. The warrior began to walk around the square, over a blanket of clouds, which gave him the feeling of sailing on a serene and silver sea; below, the valley was completely covered with clouds.

Suddenly saw his Teacher, who was approaching from the opposite end of the plaza as if sliding on the clouds, because as he walked his legs were not seen, buried under the fog. Night Eagle was invaded by a sense of well-being, comfort and above all, security. Something inside of him had been adjusted. The smile on the face of his teacher confirmed his feeling.

The signal they were expecting had arrived that night, "The force" indicated the departure of Night Eagle from DAANY BEÉDXE. The morning was fresh and clean, a slightly cold wind blew from the northern mountains. The Teacher and the student had come to receive the Sun, next to the stone jaguar in the north pyramid.

—We shall go when the sun dies— said the Teacher. You have all day to say good bye to this splendid place, which sheltered you and helped in your florid battle. Say good bye to every stone, each building, every room... perhaps you shall never see them again, never again in your life. Thank them and leave with them the best of you, which is the style of the warriors. You'll have to go searching for your destination, a terrible test is waiting for, in which in order to pass it, you will have to use all the knowledge you have learned during your stay in DAANY BEEDXE, really it is a test of power.

Throughout the day, the apprentice carefully toured the four hills comprising DAANY BEÉDXE. In each buildings complex and squares he recalled each of the lessons learned from