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—Inside this cave, you will have to await the twilight arrival. Inside you'll find everything you need to get ready as immaculate warrior for the upcoming battle, when the time comes I will come and get you.

Night Eagle fearlessly entered the dark cave, the entrance was as high as a standing man, after ten steps, the width narrowed and took an upward direction. The boy had to crawl to move forward. He realized the cave was not natural; a tunnel was carved on a huge solid rock. He advanced ten bodies and climbed three. The tunnel ended in a chamber carved in the rock. The chamber was round and had a five body diameter, on the highest part; it reached a three body height. At the top, was a hole as a maize cane in diameter, which rose vertically through a two body distance, to the surface of the huge rock. Through the opening light strangely came in, thanks to the carving design, which illuminated the chamber in a very special way. The stone had an orange color, with red and white streaks, when in contact with light, producing a comfortable atmosphere.

After a while, when the warrior pupils completely adapted to the light intensity, he could see the chamber interior.

What he first saw, principle below the light shaft, was a huge rattlesnake, perfectly carved in the same stone. The snake was rolled and overall looked like a pyramid. Around the chamber perimeter on the cave rock was carved a sort of circular bank, only interrupted by the chamber’s entrance, which had a jaguar head sculpted, with the mouth wide open using the tunnel depth. On the circular bank were sculpted four Eagles in attack position. The chamber concave wall was completely