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Look, poor thing, that you strive, you've already separated from your father and mother, see that your heart does not tilt more towards them; you can't any longer be with your father and your mother, you have already completely left them: our daughter, we want you to be blessed and prosperous. -After of a moment, Morning star answered to her godmother, -my lady, esteemed persons who have greatly favored me by being here; with your heart have taken my cause, they are sorrow and work to honor me; the words you have said I shall treasure them as something precious, and much appreciated, said as real fathers and mothers in telling and warning me; I very much appreciate the good vested upon me.

Then, relatives of the bride and groom tied the bride huipil, with the groom cloak, symbolizing this way that the marriage had been consummated. Then the oldest lady relative of the groom spoke to Morning star:

—My child, your mothers here and your fathers, wish to comfort you; strive daughter, do not worry by the burden of marriage that you've now taken upon yourself, and although it is a heavy load, with the help of our Lord you shall manage, beg for help from him; our Lord will like that you live many days and climb the slope over work; by venture you shall reach the summit without any impediment or fatigue sent from our Lord.

We do not know what our Lord will bestow upon you, humbly expect everything from him. Here are five blankets given by your husband, to trade in the market and thereby obtain chile, salt, torches, and firewood with which you will have to cook the food. This is the custom that left by the old grandparents; work my daughter and do your job as a woman, because nobody will help.

Immediately thereafter, Morning star’s mother, talked to the groom: