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Night Eagle left in the morning headed west, in search of the woman who had caught all his energy and concentration. His steps were long and his heart pulled his body. Through his mind passed many images and flower and Rain flower was at the center of all of them.

He finally came to the place where the stone house was and found it in ruins and totally deserted, seemed that no one had lived there in years. Baffled the warrior explored the surroundings, to make sure he was at the right place. After a while he confirmed that it was actually the place, only that it was covered by the forest and the stone house had traces of not having been inhabited in years.

The warrior felt a very severe pain in the chest, the denial of his love in these desolate ruins, was violently rejected by the fire that was about to explode in his heart.

Night Eagle could not accept that R flower and his love, not had existed, and although the physical evidence pointed that way, his memories and body did not accepted it. Rain Flower was the greatest feeling, the most overwhelming passion the Warrior had ever lived and that could not just be a dream.

The Warrior walked into the house ruins and cried in its half-light. First slowly and then strongly, Night Eagle cried as he had never before cried. The desolation his soul felt was so great that he felt he was dying. He howled a wolf; the forest shuddered with his long and torn laments. He never before had embraced loneliness. He was in the ruins of what had been the most flourished and intense space of his existence; and the neglect and desolation of the place, made a choir with the warrior pain cries and anger, his heart was falling apart as the stones from those ruins, that indifferent and silent contemplated him.

Evening came through the door and shortly after was night. Night Eagle ignored them, because he was in midst of pain. Finally, he fell asleep with uneasiness.