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At a point in time at the foot of the Ceiba were fifteen dead hunters and nobody wanted to climb and fight that special enemy. The hunters then decided start a huge fire at the foot of the Ceiba, to be able to see the warrior and use bows and arrows. When Night Eagle was illuminated, began receiving nearby shots. This forced him to climb to the middle of the tree, where branches protected him from the arrows. Again the hunters attempted to climb the tree, and when they arrived where Night Eagle was hiding, personal combat ensued again, as not more than two hunters could attack at the time, they started falling deadly wounded.

Night Eagle felt he was living his last moments. He did not feel fear or anger against his adversaries. He could not waste such valuable energy in that task. On the contrary, knowing that he was about to die, he executed every fighting move, with the awareness that it could be the last movement of his life, so it had to be the best. With a luxurious efficiency, he had become an instrument of death; that bewildered and terrified the hunters, who decided to change tactics and began to cut down the tree, so the warrior would fall into their hands.

Night Eagle immediately understood the intention of his adversaries. He decided then, to climb to the top of the Ceiba and from there, for the last time observe the sky, now dark and studded with stars. He heard below the rhythmic pounding of the axes, which marked the warrior destiny.

When he reached the top of the tree and saw the night sky, with its immensity of colored lights. When he felt the forest as a living being; he began to feel nostalgia for having to leave this world so intense and beautiful. He felt that his whole body was saying goodbye to this wonderful world. A chant came to his heart:

"It is not true that we live,
it is not true that we last
on Earth,