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young man exercised a fascination power on his teammates, such that energy increased, sputtering by the entire room.

Those afternoons were truly magical and incredible, that litter of young puppies and his master Sage, moved from one place to another in the world, through the wisdom of old grandparents and the energy of young people.

One day while in classes with Smoky mirror, one of the youngest pupils asked for an explanation of time and how it was measured. The teacher smiled with satisfaction and told them. —In principle time does not exist, is just an invention of man, the young people who respected his master, opened their eyes wide and with them, asked for an explanation— time is a way to measure movement in space. For example the first movement measure is the day, the time in which Earths rotates on its own axis. The second movement is the time it takes the Earth to orbit around the Sun; this distance is always covered in 365 days and a quarter. The third movement measure lasts 52 years, we call it a “bundle of years”, two “bundles of years we call "old age"... because nobody has lived for 3 bundles.

Since the beginning of time, the Toltec old grandparents were devoted to observe nature and the sky, because as you know, there are two lines of knowledge. The first, is masculine, perfect, immutable, distant, exact, cold... it is precisely celestial mechanics. The other line or knowledge source, is nature; feminine, always generous, kind, flexible and tolerant. Thus, through stars and Earth movement measure, the old grandparents learned to measure time, and with it they invented mathematics and calendars. We have twenty days, which occur without interruption and each has a name and a symbol; 1 Cayman, 2 wind, 3 House, 4 lizard, 5 serpent, 6 death, 7 deer, 8 rabbit, 9 water, 10 dog, 11 monkey, 12 grass, 13 cane, 14 jaguar, 15 Eagle, 16 Vulture, 17 movement, 18 Flint, 19 rain and 20 flower.